RunMyJobs for IT Workflow Automation

Transform your organization’s process management with Redwood’s cloud-native IT Workflow Automation platform.

Create powerful and reusable workflows with Redwood's low-code tools.

  • Low-Code IT Process Automation

  • Resilient, Cloud-Native Infrastructure

  • Simplicity And Security For Hybrid IT

  • Easily Expand Your Process Automation

Low-Code IT Workflow Automation

Effortlessly manage automated workflows and dependencies across any endpoint, whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud, or containerized with Redwood’s user-friendly platform. Streamline your workflow automation with reusable process steps, sequences, calendars, and other features to automate repetitive tasks with ease.

  • Use RunMyJob’s real-time processing capabilities to automatically execute tasks based on detected source files, data, events or messages from various applications and systems.
  • Integrate and coordinate legacy systems, operating system activity, API adapters, cloud infrastructure and services, ensuring a smooth workflow automation process.
  • Develop workflow automation services or microservices that can be consumed with ease, thanks to RunMyJob’s native SOA APIs and formats.

Orchestrate and streamline data across various platforms, including ERP, CRM, finance, business process management (BPM), and artificial intelligence, with Redwood’s powerful automation tools.

Scalability with Cloud-Native Resilience

RunMyJob’s automation solution, a SaaS platform, is uniquely designed to automate various business operations, eliminating the need for hosting, deploying, and maintaining your automation platform. Connect to enterprise applications across your organization for added convenience and scalability.

  • RunMyJob’s cloud architecture is designed to provide 99.95% uptime without any maintenance required
  • Prioritize processes and balance loads between applications to ensure a consistent and reliable experience for your users
  • Use lightweight, self-updating agents to manage your servers and run scripts across various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, AIX, HPUX, macOS, OpenVMS, and Solaris
  • Keep track of your workflows with real-time monitoring dashboards and receive alerts and notifications to help you identify and resolve issues before they impact performance

Simple, Secure, IT Workflow Architecture

  • Connect securely to SAP, Oracle, AS/400, VMS and other applications and web services using TLS 1.3 encrypted, agentless connections
  • Choose between built-in authentication or SSO/SAML 2.0+ integration options, including Okta, Ping Identity, PingFederate, and Microsoft Azure AD
  • Ensure compliance with comprehensive audit trails for all process and user activity and enforce business rules such as approvals
  • Count on Redwood’s ISO 27001, SOC 2 and CSA STAR Level 1 certifications, industry-leading SaaS security policies and frequent penetration tests to keep your data safe.

Simplify Your IT Workflow Automation

RunMyJobs is built to scale and evolve alongside changing business needs and emerging technologies. Our pricing plans are based on usage, and all features and connectors are included.

  • Add servers, environments, and digital technologies as needed without incurring extra costs
  • Automate any use case with ease using the low-code, drag-and-drop user interface, built-in wizards, and reusable templates
  • Interact with intelligent automation through self-service web forms and email processing, empowering them to confirm, request, and collaborate

RunMyJob’s automatic updates provide new features, platform optimization, and security patches, completing in just minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions about IT Workflow Automation Software

What is IT a workflow automation platform? 

IT process automation (ITPA) involves utilizing software to manage applications or processes without the need for human intervention. This can be achieved through the scheduling of tasks at specific times or by triggering tasks through IT or business events. While ITPA is similar to business process automation software (BPA), it places a greater emphasis on automating IT applications, data, and infrastructure. Today's cloud-native ITPA solutions, such as RunMyJobs, utilize modern automation technologies to streamline complex workflows and improve operational efficiency.
Read more about Redwood’s IT workflow automation tool. 

Are IT workflow automation tools the same as RPA?

IT process automation (ITPA) and robotic process automation (RPA) are two distinct software solutions, although ITPA can be used to manage RPA. RPA focuses on automating simpler, rule-based tasks such as data entry, using front-end integrations. In contrast, ITPA coordinates event-based processes across various systems through programmatic integrations. In simple terms, RPA automates simpler processes, while ITPA automates more complex, cross-platform workflows. Read about service orchestration and automation via SaaS for Hybrid IT.

What are the benefits of workflow automation?

Workflow automation can help organizations streamline their business processes, reducing the amount of time and effort required to complete tasks.
Automation can also reduce errors and ensure accuracy by eliminating the potential for human error in manual processes. With workflow automation, organizations can track progress and identify bottlenecks, making it easier to optimize processes and improve performance. Read more about the future of workflow automation.

What are some examples of workflow automation?

A workflow management system can be used in various business processes such as invoice processing, customer support, employee onboarding, marketing campaigns, IT incident management, order processing, data analysis, HR processes, contract management, and project management.

For instance, invoice processing can be automated to extract invoice data, route for the approval process, and initiate payment, while customer support can be automated to assign and escalate support tickets based on priority and severity, and provide customers with self-service options.

Employee onboarding can be automated to create new employee accounts, email distribution lists, and access permissions across multiple systems, and marketing campaigns can be automated to create and distribute email campaigns, social media posts, and targeted advertisements.

IT incident management can be automated to detect and prioritize incidents, escalate issues to the appropriate team members, and track resolution progress, while order processing can be automated to capture and process incoming orders, verify inventory, and initiate shipping.

Why is RunMyJobs the best workflow automation software?

Workflow management software like RunMyJobs streamlines IT process automation by offering a wide range of no-code/low-code workflow integrations and web services, allowing IT teams to connect with any application or system in their technology stack, minimizing the risk of human errors that come with time-consuming manual tasks. This provides IT with a cohesive automation environment that simplifies cross-platform processes, enables low-code development, and offers visibility across on-premises and cloud-based applications. Read about how business workflow automation is the next step for digital transformation.