Redwood Reporting

Automate reporting and improve productivity. Get critical intelligence and report content right at your fingertips with our Redwood Reporting solution.

Automated Report Management, Distribution and Archiving

The Redwood Reporting software provides clarity by automatically delivering critical reports when, where and how you need them most. Our report automation tools eliminate the frustration, wasted time and errors that result from carrying out mundane repetitive tasks and manually accessing, calculating and mapping pieces of information from disparate systems and data sources.

  • Keep Things Moving

    Easily inspect and evaluate documents with the Redwood Reporting Approver. Add user feedback before moving items to the next step in the approval process for improved data accuracy.

  • Understand and Deliver

    Analyze document content in text, PDF or Excel formats, then deliver specific reports that adhere to business rules with the Redwood Reporting Burster.

  • Deliver Custom Results

    Combine data from multiple, disparate sources to produce personalized, unified reports for distribution via email or shared publication with the Redwood Reporting Bundler.

For Every Industry, Redwood Reporting Provides:

  • A single, consolidated portal to easily retrieve reports.

  • Fast access and distribution of time-critical information.

  • A central repository to merge and archive all information output.

  • Support for strict compliance requirements.

  • Greatly reduced downtime and elimination of risk.

  • Content distribution flexibility for external provider networks.

Convert From Legacy Without the Pain

Realize a safe passage to Redwood Reporting.

Paying too much for annual maintenance? Not getting the support you need? Leave that all behind, painlessly. The Safe Passage Program is a comprehensive software and services package that safely and confidently converts from your current reporting solution to Redwood Reporting. With Redwood you get a mature, scalable report management, distribution and archiving solution with a superior licensing model and powerful functionality – all at a lower cost than your current system.Our Safe Passage Program can help you convert pain-free to Redwood Reporting from the following legacy products and report automation tools:ASG Cypress, ASG Mobius, ASG DocumentDirect, ASG Report.Web, BMC Control-D, CA View, CA Deliver, CA Bundl and OpenText Report & Output Management (formerly Vista Plus)

  • Expert Guidance

    Dedicated experts ensure a successful transition and optimal configuration of your reporting environment.

  • Proven Methods

    Conversion methodologies and toolsets for legacy report distribution systems developed from real-life experience.

  • Subscription Savings

    Low annual all-inclusive license fee option that includes support and maintenance.

Redwood Reporting for Retail

To remain competitive, you need the ability to closely monitor and track buying trends, inventory movement, price fluctuations and sourcing in real time. Then you must disseminate that information in an accurate, understandable and standardized form across your organization. Redwood Reporting captures, converts and stores documents for any kind of quick retrieval.

Redwood Reporting helped us to deliver reports company-wide while reducing the costs associated with our old methods of delivery such as postage, paper and employee time.

It was a smooth transition from an antiquated report delivery process.

Michael Relich, EVP, CIO & strategy at Guess

Redwood Reporting for Healthcare

Redwood Reporting delivers both accuracy and security in record time. Healthcare providers, payers and business partners can all use its information gathering, archiving and distribution capabilities to provide improved care and customer service. Pull information from EPIC, McKesson, GE IDX and other information systems. Distribute it securely among hospitals, physician networks and health management organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is report distribution software?

Report distribution software like Redwood Reporting manages the assembly, distribution, access, and archival of reports within – and outside – of an enterprise. Multiple data sources can be combined and converted to new reports and shared in a repository or through email. Features enable fine-grained access control, logging, and automatic data retention policies to comply with corporate governance. See how Redwood Reporting can simplify information sharing with your business, partners and customers.

Why should I use software to automate report distribution?

Using software to automate report distribution ensures compliance with corporate policies that govern data, an increasingly critical resource that needs to be shared and protected. Employees, customers, and others can see and access information that’s permitted and needed without risk of exposing sensitive data to others. Audit trails for report creation, distribution, and access provide documentation of internal compliance, and eliminate ambiguity about whether the information was received and viewed. Learn how report distribution software can help manage financial data.