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Integrate SAP Integration Suite – Cloud Integration with RunMyJobs

by Redwood Software

Automate business processes across SAP and other applications, whether on-premise or cloud-based, using RunMyJobs and eliminate the need for different data connectors for each network environment.

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RunMyJobs by Redwood enables users of SAP Integration Suite – Cloud Integration to automate processes across applications, services and environments, whether SAP or a third party, on-premises or in the cloud. RunMyJobs built-in process definitions let you seamlessly orchestrate and monitor integration flows (iFlows).

Key Features

  • Deploy an integration flow (iFlow) within SAP Cloud Integration (CI) using RunMyJobs CloudIntegrationDeploy process definition
  • Monitor iFlows in CI and generate jobs with final statuses using the RunMyJobs CloudIntegrationMonitor process definition
  • Undo a deployed iFlow in CI using RunMyJobs CloudIntegrationUndeploy process definition

Other Data Management Integrations

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Accelerate full stack automation with ready-to-deploy integrations and real-time, end-to-end visibility and control of your automated business processes.

Other SAP Integrations

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