RunMyJobs by Redwood SaaS Alternative to Broadcom CA Autosys

Orchestrate any on-premises or cloud application, service, or server with Redwood’s SaaS-based automation.

  • End-to-End Process Orchestration: Simplify enterprise automation – manage and monitor all applications and servers under a single pane of glass.
  • Secure, Reliable SaaS: Secure your data with enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure. Zero-effort maintenance reduces the demand on IT resources.
  • Intuitive, High-Performance Interface: Low-code approach makes it easy to expand the use of automation across IT teams and business users.
  • Proven Migration Approach: A dedicated migration team will work closely with your team throughout the entire process offering a seamless end-to-end launch process.

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Broadcom AutoSys Workload Automation's Future is Uncertain

If your business relies on CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys®) for job scheduling, it’s at risk. Broadcom’s acquisition of CA Technologies means the future of AutoSys – and any workflow that it automates – is uncertain. AutoSys looks to be on borrowed time. And the prospect of having Broadcom add new functionality to improve its capabilities looks remote.

The signs aren’t promising for AutoSys customers:

  • Broadcom has laid off 40% of CA’s US support staff
  • Professional services have been outsourced
  • Innovation budgets have been reduced by more than half

Redwood Offers Automation With A Future

You need a modern workload automation solution to replace CA AutoSys and take you into the future. Redwood’s SaaS workload automation software overcomes the limitations of legacy schedulers like AutoSys. It can be integrated with nearly every enterprise system and application, can be scaled as needed, and is able to function with minimal human intervention. Redwood’s process automation and orchestration software enables greater collaboration and frees your staff from managing repetitive manual tasks with outdated technology.

  • Automation is Redwood Software’s singular focus
  • Our SaaS-based workload automation solution is the most flexible and adaptable automation platform on the market
  • We are continually investing in our technology and product roadmap to help you stay on the cutting edge of process automation and orchestration and support digital transformation

Seamlessly Transition to Redwood's Workload Automation with Ease

Upgrade your automation capabilities effortlessly with Redwood. Our migration program simplifies the process of shifting from your current scheduling or workload automation tool to our robust solution. We collaborate closely with your team to build and test your new environment, ensuring a smooth transition. Experience the ease of workload automation migration with Redwood by your side.

Step 1: Configuration

We assign a dedicated team, conduct a thorough analysis of your existing processes, and identify a phased migration plan that starts with your organization’s low-risk processes, allowing your teams to gain confidence in the migration process.

Step 2: Data Import

We start with a non-production environment to safely import and test your existing workload automations by using proprietary Mercury conversion tools to efficiently copy over your workload automations and give your teams hands-on experience.

  • Auto import using proven tools for Control-M, Autosys, Automic and more
  • Hands-on value enablement

Step 3: Test & Go Live

We verified all processes with acceptance testing and QA testing. Once it’s approved, we will move individual process automations into production. We deliver results by using our agreed-upon phasing plan and go-live checklist.

  • Acceptance & QA testing
  • Systematic production phasing ensures smooth operations

Make The Shift From Broadcom Autosys Workload Automation

While CA AutoSys workload automation becomes more obsolete due to a lack of investment, the capabilities of Redwood’s automation are five years ahead of any other job scheduler or IT automation tool available. It’s the next generation of secure and scalable workload automation and orchestration.

  • Redwood’s automation is delivered through the cloud as a true service, meaning no dependencies on on-premises hardware as well as fully-automated updates
  • Its 24×7 availability and 99.95% uptime guarantee means you can automate your workflows for any use case whenever and wherever needed
  • Our pay-as-you-go pricing model enables greater flexibility and agility

Automate Anything, Anywhere

Redwood’s automation offers all the functionality you need in a single, seamless solution. Its cross-platform integrations with on-premises systems, open-source applications and modern cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud and any application or web service allow you to manage everything in one place. Easily orchestrate everything from file transfers, ETL, ERPs, DevOps and big data pipelines to operating system processes on Windows, Linux and more.

Redwood’s business process automation is superior to AutoSys and helps you to:

Improve Performance

Deliver high availability and dynamically-balanced workloads across systems and applications, whether in on-premises data centers, mainframes or multi-cloud environments.

Increase Visibility

Get real-time visualization and predictive analytics into critical business processes, showing trends and probabilities, as well as notifications on approvals, decisions, and responses.

Ensure Governance

Define proactive rules, structure, and security to reduce risk in business process execution. Secure your data. Enforce policies for changes and roll back if needed.

Regain Control

Manage process deadlines, workflows, provisioning and decision making to react to real-time conditions before they impact your business.

Redwood’s workload automation solution also integrates with SAP, Oracle and other ERP systems. Redwood has been a trusted SAP partner for nearly 15 years and our deep solution integrations have been validated for full compatibility since its first release.

Why Autosys Workload Automation Can’t Compete With Redwood

Redwood offers the world’s only true SaaS solution for workload automation and job scheduling. Consistent leadership, dedication, and investment have enabled us to stay ahead of any other automation technology.

Leading analyst Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA) recognized RunMyJobs as an industry leader for its:


Automation on-demand with unlimited scalability and API integration.

Lowest TCO In The Industry

Consumption-based pricing with no constraints on expansion.


No additional infrastructure required and no added maintenance.


Fully managed with guaranteed 99.95% uptime.

Managed Service

Fast implementation and easy migration.

EMA has said as much in its “RADAR for Workload Automation” report, which recognizes RunMyJobs by Redwood for the Best Workload Automation SaaS solution and as a Value Leader. EMA evaluated over a dozen job scheduling software vendors, comparing the overall product strength of each technology with its cost efficiency. It also covered workload-related trends, such as embedded scheduling, DevOps capabilities and agent change management.

We built, tested and migrated 1,900 scheduled business jobs away from RemoteWare and AutoSys. Since then, we’ve run almost three million jobs without a single problem or issue with Redwood.

Rob Smith, Project Manager, Whitbread

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Broadcom CA AutoSys do?

AutoSys is an automated job management tool that provides scheduling and monitoring capabilities for Batch Processes executed in the AutoSys environment. AutoSys was originally known as Unicenter AutoSys when it was first developed in the early 1990s, before changing to AutoSys Workload Automation during subsequent acquisitions by Platinum, CA and Broadcom. AutoSys installations can be complex and the software is known to have a heavy footprint. As a result, many organizations have shifted towards cloud-based or cloud-native workload automation solutions such as Redwood. See what you can achieve with Redwood.

What is similar to Broadcom CA AutoSys?

Below you will find options for Autosys alternatives:

  1. RunMyJobs by Redwood Workload Automation and Business Process Automation
  2. ActiveBatch Workload Automation
  3. HighGear
  4. Control-M
  5. Cflow
  6. JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler
  7. Stonebranch
  8. OpCon
  9. Quixy
  10. Qntrl
  11. Resolve
  12. vRealize Orchestrator
  13. Automic Automation by Broadcom
  14. Apache Hadoop
  15. Microsoft SQL Server
  16. VMware
  17. IBM z/OS

What is the difference between Broadcom CA AutoSys and the alternatives?

The main difference between AutoSys and the alternatives is the level of complexity and range of features. AutoSys is generally considered to be more complex and feature-rich, while its alternatives can be simpler and more focused on basic scheduling needs.

See how you can automate anything, anywhere with Redwood’s sophisticated automation features.

Is it easy to migrate to a Broadcom CA AutoSys alternative?

Yes, many workload automation vendors make it easy to migrate to their solutions. For example, Redwood uses a tested methodology to streamline migrations, with team members working alongside customers to ensure a smooth onboarding. Onboarding is often supplemented with additional services such as 24/7 in-house support, periodic health checks to maintain system health and to proactively identify areas for expansion, as well as on-demand training courses to make sure IT teams can expand their skills and expertise in order to meet new business challenges. Learn how Redwood manages successful digital transformations through effective automation and get resources for your migration.

What is workload automation software?

Workload automation is a type of software that automates IT operations and tasks to support a business process. For example, a retailer needs to transfer information about purchases from physical and online stores to a database. The ERP uses that data to coordinate restocking and reorders at the warehouse, and finance applications update accounting records and manage payments to vendors. Business processes like this are designed, scheduled and monitored through workload automation. Discover the wide range of use cases for Redwood’s workload automation platform.

What is the difference between CA and Broadcom AutoSys?

CA and Autosys should not be considered as two separate things. CA is a company, Computer Associates, that develops and maintains the AutoSys software for job scheduling under the Broadcom company umbrella.

Learn more about Redwood and the services the organization offers.

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