Redwood's Proven Approach to Workload Automation to Migration

Experience a hassle-free transition with Redwood’s industry-leading workload automation migration services. Our team of experts specializes in accurate and seamless migration for all major workload automation platforms. Whether you’re looking to modernize existing infrastructure or streamline operations, Redwood’s proven process ensures a smooth transition while mitigating risks.

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Join the 100+ Companies That Have Successfully Migrated to RunMyJobs

Redwood’s reliable processes and advanced migration tools make for a smooth transition from existing workload automation tools and job schedulers to RunMyJobs. Our team of experts will help lead your migration strategy, using tested tools and established processes to ensure a seamless experience.

With a track record of over 100 successful migrations, we have the confidence and expertise to guide you through your migration journey with ease.

Redwood’s Proven Migration Approach Developed Over 30 Years

  • Your partners at every stage

    Your Redwood migration team works closely with your team to build your new environment

  • Designed to mitigate risks

    We work with your team to identify a phased migration plan, starting with your organization’s low-risk processes

  • Drive efficiency

    We use our own proprietary automation technology to deliver a secure and accurate migration

  • We build on what’s already working

    Your new automation platform will have new features and functionality, but we build on the foundation of your existing automations

  • Learn by doing

    You can’t become an expert by sitting on the sidelines. Your teams will work alongside our experts to build proficiency and confidence

  • We’re committed to your success

    Our teams – from onboarding to training and ongoing support – work with you to ensure you’re always getting the most value from your investment

A Reliable Transition to RunMyJobs Designed to Mitigate Risks

With 30 years of in-house migration experience, our proven roadmap and proprietary transfer tools, we minimizes time, effort and risk — so you gain the benefits of Redwood’s IT process automation and orchestration rapidly and painlessly.

00 - Migration Assessment

Get a detailed analysis of your existing jobs data and leverage Redwood’s specialized migration tooling to ensure proper transfer.

This is an opportune time to evaluate and improve processes. Receive recommendations for job segmenting into self-contained job “packages”, the number and order of each agile migration sprint, a draft project plan with efforts required and a list of additional optimization potentials. 

01 - Project Launch

The Redwood migration philosophy: Start with low risk, low complexity jobs then increase complexity in each sprint.

Discuss and finalize self-contained job segmentation “packages,” the number and order of controlled, agile sprints. Examples of job segmentations include target applications, modules in systems of record, business units/geography, top level process flows and technical job type.



02 - Installation and Configuration

Install all RunMyJobs environments, set up and test. This includes authentication, single sign-on processes, user security, roles and authorizations as well as defining naming conventions, object organization and enabling alerting functionality.

Connect RunMyJobs to all systems, apps and databases to ensure seamless integration.

03 - Team Training

Ensure your team is running competently and confidently by equipping them with adequate training resources. Along with immediate access to on-demand training through Redwood University including certification courses, receive 10 hours of instructor led onsite classes for Operators, Engineers, Administrators and end-users.

Practical training occurs throughout the migration process for mastery.

04 - Agile Migration Sprint & Hyper Care

Both RunMyJobs and your legacy product are running in parallel

Migrating to RunMyJobs: What You Can Expect

  • Continuous Operations

    Ensure uninterrupted operations with our tried-and-true migration strategy and cutting-edge tools. Safeguard your organization’s critical operations while seamlessly transitioning your workload automation.

    Rest assured that our meticulous migration plan is designed to prioritize continuous operations, keeping your business running smoothly throughout the process.

  • Customization

    At Redwood, we understand that every migration project has unique requirements. That’s why we offer a tailored migration strategy that is customized to meet your specific needs.

    With Redwood, you can trust that our experts will develop a migration strategy that is aligned with your requirements, ensuring a successful outcome for your workload automation migration.

  • Collaboration

    We work closely with your team to ensure a seamless migration and successful launch. Throughout the process, you will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with our dedicated experts, allowing you to build knowledge and expertise as we migrate your processes.

    With Redwood, you can count on a partnership that not only delivers results but also enhances your team’s capabilities for future success.

Redwood’s Ongoing Commitment to Your Success

We are fully committed to your success. Our dedicated teams, ranging from onboarding to training and ongoing support, work tirelessly to ensure you extract the utmost value from your investment. Rest assured that our best-in-class support engineers are available 24/7, ready to address any questions or issues that may arise.

With Redwood as your partner, you can confidently navigate your migration journey and unlock the full potential of your automation initiatives.

The interaction, collaboration and continuous communication was immediate. They delivered as promised and continue to deliver with training and ongoing support. Thank you Redwood!

Danny McCarthy, IT Director

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a workload migration?

A workload migration is part of the overall process of moving existing workloads, or processes, from one job scheduler or workload automation platform to a new one. This approach takes existing processes that are already running in the organization and moves them without the need to rebuild them from scratch in a new solution. An automation solution provider can speed up this process by using specialized tools designed for migration.

What is an automation migration strategy?

An automation migration strategy is the approach used to move an organization’s workloads into a new automation platform. It includes a specialized, sometimes proprietary, set of tools used to move processes quickly and accurately, used by a team of product experts. The team uses the tools in a proven process that includes steps to identify what workloads need to be migrated and what new processes need to be created. Then the processes are moved into a test environment to be validated before they are pushed to production.

What is workload automation?

Job scheduler automation is the process of automating job scheduling tools, both those that are built into existing applications or standalone tools. It gives organizations the ability to better manage standalone tools and provide greater control and visibility into the jobs that are running in various applications.

What is job scheduler automation?

Job scheduler automation is the process of automating job scheduling tools, both those that are built into existing applications or standalone tools. It gives organizations the ability to better manage standalone tools and provide greater control and visibility into the jobs that are running in various applications.

Is Redwood a SAP product?

No, RunMyJobs by Redwood is not a SAP product. It is an independent software company that has a number of products in the workload automation and managed file transfer market. RunMyJobs, a SaaS workload automation solution, has the broadest and deepest set of connectors with SAP applications, including SAP ECC, S/4 HANA, BTP, IBP and more.