The Simple, Secure File Transfer Solution

Cerberus FTP Server enables organizations to become more efficient with fast, easy, secure and compliant file transfers.

Cerberus Features

Engineered for ease of use, Cerberus FTP Server offers highly secure file transfers with turnkey installation and management.

  • Protocol Support

    Transfer files via FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTP/S, SCP and public file sharing with one-time passcodes.

  • Superior Manageability

    Manage your FTP Server with a robust set of management, automation, security and auditing tools.

  • Advanced Security

    Get stringent data security, one-click regulatory compliance and advanced security and access features.

Get More with Cerberus and RunMyJobs

Have the easy and security of Cerberus FTP Server for file transfers within your automated end-to-end business processes through RunMyJobs Workload Automation.

Ensure reliable and compliant data exchange

Easily share your critical business data across your enterprise’s technology ecosystem with Cerberus’s feature-rich FTP Server supporting a multitude of transmission and security protocols used for end-to-end workload automation, enabling workflows with strict governance and compliance.

Have a single, integrated provider

Consolidate automation tools into one provider making for greater efficiency and a more seamless integration. Have your file transfer and workload automation working together, both provided by the leader in business process automation with 30 years of experience.

Receive greater customer support

Access Redwood’s global customer success team for not only file transfer support but automating all business processes across your organization. Get an outstanding customer experience with easy migration, working with a team of customer success automation engineers and migration support.

After our first year, our CEO said it was the best value software that we’d ever bought because of the load it handled. Every other software we installed had problems.

CTO, UK-Based Financial Services Provider

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