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Integrate SAP Cloud Platform for Data Services with RunMyJobs

by Redwood Software

Automate and control the transformation of data from on-premise systems to the cloud as a repeatable error-free process with RunMyJobs.

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RunMyJobs by Redwood enables users of SAP Cloud Platform for Data Services to seamlessly move, replicate and map SAP and non-SAP data from on-premise environments to the cloud as part of an automated data migration process. Easily embed RunMyJobs capabilities while maintaining strict control and accuracy of data services.

Key Features

  • Import existing tasks from SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services as job definitions with RunMyJobs ImportTasks process definition
  • Automatically execute a task in SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services with RunMyJobs RunTask process definition
  • Access a list of existing tasks in SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services with RunMyJobs ShowTasks process definition

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