Secure Managed File Transfer Made Easy

Secure and manage your file transfers across thousands of users and multiple operating systems and file transfer protocols with JSCAPE MFT Server.

JSCAPE Features

JSCAPE brings together three powerful components into a single solution designed for speed and efficiency, security, and scalability.

  • MFT Server

    Cross-platform, universal protocol server with easy administration, cloud, MFTaaS and hybrid deployment support and unparalleled flexibility and reliability.

  • MFT Gateway

    Easily add proxy servers in your DMZ in support of all your organization’s compliance needs.

  • MFT Monitor

    Perform load testing and network scanning to ensure service levels will be met even during heavy system load.

Get More with JSCAPE and RunMyJobs Together

Achieve true end-to-end process automation when you combine JSCAPE Managed File Transfer and RunMyJobs Workload Automation together.

Easily orchestrate file transfers with your RunMyJobs processes

Securely receive and process incoming data with RunMyJobs as soon as information becomes available, and use JSCAPE’s extensive set of no-code file-processing actions and triggers.

Immediately notify recipients and securely distribute files as soon as output from RunMyJobs is available.

Achieve end-to-end enterprise-grade security, compliance and reliability

Ensure continuous 24×7 file transfer operation and low latency with built-in scalable disaster recovery, load-balancing and high-availability. Meet file transfer compliance and governance requirements with enterprise-grade encryption and best-in-class certifications including ISO 27001, SOX, PCI, HIPAA and SOC 2 Type I.

Flexibility to simplify and scale your automation and file transfers

Deploy JSCAPE to any major OS in any on-prem, cloud or hybrid environment and easily add any file transfer protocol including AS2, OFTP2, AFTP, FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S and WebDAV, with mapping of network storage to virtual directories. Confidently scale with unlimited processing capacity and low-latency file storage.

World-class support and unified development from a single vendor

Have one vendor for timely customer support while avoiding the need for workarounds, custom coding and risk of process failure by having systems designed for native integration.

I can set it up and forget about it. It is so stable that I forget it’s even running. In the past these file transfers were handled with CRON jobs and scripts. Sometimes they would work, sometimes not. With JSCAPE they work EVERYTIME!

Jerry S. Automation Workflow Architect

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