Enhance Your Data Transfer Capabilities with Redwood's File Transfer Solutions

Redwood Software offers two comprehensive file transfer solutions, JSCAPE Managed File Transfer and Cerberus FTP Server, designed to meet the diverse needs of organizations of all sizes.


Advanced MFT automation built for enterprise

A comprehensive managed file transfer (MFT) solution with a MFTaaS offering enables secure file transfer automation and ad-hoc file operations for the modern enterprise ecosystem.

  • Multiple protocols in one server: AS2, FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, OFTP2, Cloud and more
  • Flexible deployment in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments
  • Dynamic, high-availability architecture to prevent bottlenecks and disruptions
  • Easily Share Files Internally and Externally

    Sending and receiving files is simple with robust features, including ad-hoc file sharing, Drop Zones and Outlook integration.

  • Meet Strict Compliance Requirements

    MFT Gateway’s proxy servers support your compliance needs — including PCI, SOX and HIPAA — and easily exchange data with trading partners.

  • Get High-Availability You Can Rely On

    Have consistent file transfer server environments without heavy administrative demand and with a centralized configuration datastore and shared storage.

JSCAPE MFT Server is trusted by global enterprises

Safety and speed are the biggest advantages of this solution. If you work in a dispersed company, JSCAPE will be an excellent solution that allows you to exchange data in a very short time. JSCAPE is easy to access, easy to use and allows you to send files without any problems.

Tomasz S., Service Delivery Manager

Cerberus FTP Server Overview

The secure, reliable file transfer solution that you control

Engineered for ease of use, Cerberus FTP Server offers highly secure file transfers with turnkey installation and management.

  • Transfers via FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTP/S, SCP and public sharing with one-time passcodes
  • Built for Windows Server and compatible with AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Robust set of management, automation, security and auditing tools for
  • Maintain Compliant Security

    Ideal for highly regulated healthcare, finance and government, Cerberus is compliant with FIPS-140-2, PCI, HIPAA and GDPR.

  • Configure Public Sharing

    With fine-grained customization, user-friendly public file sharing is configurable with your policies and the robust portal is available in any language with localization and branding.

  • Collaborate with Easy Administration

    Simplify user management, file organization and system resource control with SSO, auditing and reporting and event-based automation from Cerberus FTP Server.

Cerberus is trusted by global enterprises

After our first year, our CEO said it was the best value software that we’d ever bought because of the load it handled. Every other software we installed had problems.

CTO, UK-Based Financial Services Provider

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