Infrastructure Management Services

Your resources – on-premises, in the cloud, virtual – benefit from intelligent automation. Your platform for growth.

Optimize Activity
Build and analyze the most logical processes to support your business with clear visibility.
Standardize on Excellence
Automatically manage process loads and capacity, while maintaining consistent change management policies.
Adapt to Change
Create automated processes that respond to consistent change without taxing your resources-human or otherwise.

Get the Most From What You’ve Got

Your IT infrastructure includes many disparate and moving parts. You have resources on site and in the cloud – as well as human elements. To manage it all you need something more than people. You need Redwood’s process automation.

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With Redwood we have a competitive advantage that enables us to continue to grow our business and further improve service delivery.

Business Systems Manager, Anglian Water
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Improve the Efficiency and Service Delivery of Your IT Enterprise, Automatically:

  • Run entire, connected business processes from within—and beyond—your ERP systems
  • Determine how resources are used according to events in real time
  • Generate alerts to drive change approvals and prompt manual intervention, when needed
  • Create consistent, thorough and auditable documentation of business processes

Redwood changed the way we approached automation from reliance on manual oversight at every step to an enterprise-wide approach we could use on a global scale.

Automation and Monitoring Director, International HR Outsourcer

Do More With Less

Redwood’s process automation connects with any platform or application in your data center. It also integrates with your existing infrastructure management (IM) tools—including cloud tools—so you can establish workloads that are models of automated efficiency.

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