Using RunMyJobs Improves Billing, Customer Service at Anglian Water


Customer service by automated billing


Cash flow through automation


  • Proactive monitoring decreased errors and streamlined cash flow 
  • Increased customer satisfaction and fewer support calls
  • Ranked first in Ofwat water regulator service incentive mechanism (SIM) program

About the Case Study

Anglian Water, a U.K.-based utility, wanted to qualify for an industry customer service award, but before they could do that, they had to address some operational issues in their billing processes. 

With 6 million customers and 16,000 invoices a day, Anglian Water needed to normalize its billing workload and improve cash flow. Billing issues were also causing customer complaints and overloading their support hotline. 

After trying to handle issues manually, they selected cloud-based RunMyJobs to automate and streamline its billing operations, monitor and visualize processes, as well as to orchestrate processes across hybrid environments.

To learn more about how Anglian Water used RunMyJobs to eliminate billing errors, improve cash flow and increase customer satisfaction, download the case study.

With Redwood, we achieved immediate visibility into any problems that arise so we can rapidly take corrective action. Since implementation, we’ve had no operational overruns." Chris Waterfield, Business Systems Manager, Anglian Water