RunMyJobs Workload Automation + JSCAPE Managed File Transfer

Fully integrated solutions for full visibility into all of your business processes

Watch this 15-minute video to learn how you can streamline your business automation processes by pairing RunMyJobs with JSCAPE.

In this video, you will discover:

  • Seamless integration: How JSCAPE integrates with RunMyJobs to provide an end-to-end automation solution, connecting internal processes with external partners seamlessly.
  • Enhanced automation capabilities: The benefits of combining JSCAPE’s file transfer automation with RunMyJobs’ job scheduling to streamline workflows and eliminate manual processes.
  • Comprehensive security and compliance: How the integration ensures data security with features like encryption, IP blocking, and compliance support, critical for regulated industries.
  • Real-world applications: Case studies demonstrating successful implementations of the integrated solution in real organizations.

Scalability and flexibility: The advantages of deploying JSCAPE on various platforms and environments, supported by Redwood’s robust infrastructure and 24/7 expert support.


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