Unleash the Power of Automation with Redwood

Redwood Software provides a comprehensive suite of workload automation products designed to empower businesses of all sizes to streamline their operations and optimize resource utilization.

With three distinct offerings, RunMyJobs, ActiveBatch and Tidal, Redwood caters to a diverse range of automation needs.

Our Workload Automation Products

Focused 100% on automation, Redwood’s solutions are trusted by the world’s leading companies to successfully automate critical processes and drive business outcomes.

  • RunMyJobs

    Orchestrate mission-critical business processes spanning your entire tech stack, seamlessly integrating with SAP, Oracle and other top-tier platforms, using the only SaaS-based full stack workload automation solution built for hybrid cloud.

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  • ActiveBatch

    Reliably run critical business processes with minimal effort and extend the power of your IT team using the easiest-to-use workload automation platform on the market, featuring intuitive, no-code/low-code drag-and-drop UI.

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  • Tidal

    Centralize the orchestration of your critical IT and business processes with enterprise-wide workload automation designed for simplified management and execution, including an extensive integration with Oracle JD Edwards.

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RunMyJobs Overview

Advanced full stack automation built for enterprise

Securely orchestrate business processes for your entire enterprise across all systems and applications, no matter how complex the tech stack, with future-proof workload automation that scales.

  • Compose automation quickly with low-code, drag-and-drop editor and a library of pre-built templates
  • Control every process end-to-end with visibility from a single pane of glass with progressions and warnings
  • Automate with complete confidence with guaranteed 99.95% SaaS uptime and best-in-class security

RunMyJobs Features

See why Redwood is the leader in workload automation solutions to fit any business, regardless of industry, company size or IT complexity

  • Architectured for Enterprise

    Elevate enterprise efficiency with RunMyJobs, the only SaaS workload automation built for hybrid cloud, offering high availability and performance with lightweight agents for auto-updating. With a comprehensive suite of cloud components, gain data security through a single tenant architecture and advanced technologies like JDBC, SOAP, REST or OData.

  • Real-time Monitoring and Predictive SLAs

    Centralize all your critical business processes in one powerful cloud-native platform designed for end-to-end control and visibility. See all business processes through a single pane of glass with real-time monitoring and predictive SLAs for timely issue identification and resolution. Take necessary action quickly with informed decision-making.

  • Deep SAP and ERP Integrations

    As SAP’s #1 recommended workload automation solution, RunMyJobs has the broadest and deepest set of SAP connectors, allowing you to automate across your entire SAP and non-SAP ecosystem. With a two-decade SAP partnership and the most SAP certifications—S/4HANA, “works with RISE” and SAP Industry Cloud for Utilities—RunMyJobs easily connects with all ERPs, including Oracle.

Unlimited Integrations and Connectors

Seamlessly connect all your systems, data and people, no matter how complex your IT landscape, with limitless integrations and no extra costs to add or expand. Scale as your company grows with unlimited servers, applications and environments, and a growing library of connectors with no coding, scripting skills or hardware required.

RunMyJobs is trusted by global enterprises

RunMyJobs provides the transparency and control required to align applications, no matter where or when production management issues may arise.

Raymond Wooninck, SAP Technology Manager and Template Team Leader, Coca-Cola HBC

Coca-Cola HBC Case Study

ActiveBatch Overview

Easy and reliable workload automation for IT and business

Make automating processes across your business simple with the easiest-to-use workload automation on the market that automates workflows in half the time of scripting.

  • Easily implement and automate end-to-end with infinite extensibility, connecting all business systems and applications
  • Amplify efficiency with swift workflow deployment and custom roles for business users to access their workflows
  • Ensure complete control with total process management and visibility in a single platform with predictive SLAs and alerts

ActiveBatch Features

  • Super REST API Adapter and No-Code Connectors

    Connect ActiveBatch to any application or service—third-party or in-house—and have the flexibility to adopt new applications as needed with our Super REST API adaptor, creating infinite extensibility. Easily integrate with popular systems—including SAP, Oracle, VMWare, Informatica, Amazon, Microsoft and more—using ActiveBatch’s robust connectors library and intuitive UI to add multiple actions to a connector.

  • Rich Library of Job Templates

    Simply create cross-platform workflows with 100+ production-ready prebuilt job steps for third-party applications, databases and platforms on-prem, in cloud or hybrid environments. Intuitive, drag-and-drop UI and guided wizards easily enable less-experienced IT resources to build workflows 50% faster. Get pre-built building blocks for commonly scripted actions and protect existing scripts with lifecycle management capabilities.

  • Proactive Monitoring and Alerts

    Prevent job failures and delays with powerful, dependable, real-time monitoring and limitless customizable alerts. Set conditions, triggers and critical thresholds and automate remediations for overruns, underruns, potential service level agreement (SLA) breaches and more. Multiple developer and operations views—machine load, forecast and Gantt—deliver the information to stay updated and act quickly if needed.

Built-In Integrations and Extensions

Build end-to-end workflows spanning your entire IT environment with ActiveBatch’s comprehensive library of integrations and extensions. Built-in integrations and prebuilt job steps for third-party applications, databases and platforms make integrating with any system seamless. Use extensions and add-ins to meet specific IT environment requirements for the most efficient workflows.

ActiveBatch is the go-to solution for businesses of all sizes

ActiveBatch is reliable and accessible… we can give anyone in the business the ability to trigger and monitor their own jobs. Giving this power to the business allows the IT department to focus more time on other business needs.

Jason Van Pee, Sub-Zero’s Database Administrator

Tidal Overview

Unified workload automation for centralized management and control

Make scheduling of business, operations and IT processes across your entire IT stack easier to manage using a single platform.

  • Scale automation across complex environments with a modern platform
  • Run processes anywhere — regardless of whether hosted on-prem or in the cloud
  • Automate across applications, middleware and infrastructure with 60+ pre-built integrations

Tidal Features

  • Time and Event-Based Scheduling

    Manage scheduling across time zones with consideration for Daylight Saving Time changes or regional holidays using dozens of commonly used calendars or create custom calendars. Event-based architecture lets you define alerts and automate multiple actions based on a single event, such as triggering a job or sending an email or notification, limiting manual intervention.

  • Monitoring, Alerts and Recovery

    Automatically monitor activities and take action with event-based alerts in real-time to any browser-enabled device, generated externally or integrated with ServiceNow. If a job fails, automatically initiate a recovery action, email the owner, message the central console and trigger an incident report. Built-in SLA management and critical path tracking alert if jobs are at risk or a defined SLA is missed.

  • Oracle JD Edwards ERP Adapter

    Orchestrate job scheduling across JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and other applications all from the Tidal platform for end-to-end control and visibility. Leverage JD Edwards’ advanced batch job scheduling, Universal Batch Engine (UBE) and processing options with Tidal’s event-based scheduling, dependencies management, monitoring and more to improve business processes and SLAs while consolidating resources.

Developer-Friendly with Pre-Built Integrations

With a full API and CLI along with SSH and Web Services adapters, easily integrate applications into workflows and free up developer time for higher-value activities. Tidal Repository allows you to keep schedule changes in sync with code changes. Tidal’s 60+ pre-built integrations deliver automation across all layers of the enterprise, from applications to middleware and infrastructure, for a seamless connection.

Tidal is trusted by industry experts

None of the other schedulers could be doing what we’re doing with Tidal in our MRP (material requirement planning) process. I don’t know if I can put a value on that.

Jon Fredrickson, JDE Manager, Oshkosh

The Redwood Way

All customers of Redwood experience the same high level of product performance, reliability and support.

  • Seamless Migration

    Effortlessly transition to Redwood using our proven migration process, guided by hands-on, expert support. Ensure continuous operations and avoid cut-off surprises with controlled, agile sprints accompanied by Redwood Hypercare.

    With specialized data migration tooling, your data is seamlessly migrated, and your team will be confident and platform-ready before going live with onsite training, on-demand e-learning and practical sessions.

    Learn more about Redwood migration

  • Unwavering Customer Support

    As you begin migrating to Redwood and throughout your time with us, our team is dedicated to supporting your business’s success. Redwood customers benefit from best-in-class customer support and the industry’s highest service level agreements (SLAs) with 24/7 availability and 15-minute response times.

    Get a dedicated account team 100% focused on automation that knows and understands your business.

  • Industry-Leading Security

    With full encryption (TLS 1.3, SSL) and industry-leading security policies, you can trust that Redwood maintains strict security and compliance standards, with all products adhering to Redwood’s information security processes for data protection. All Redwood workload automation solutions are ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type II certified. RunMyJobs is also ISAE 3402 Type II, SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type 2, TX-RAMP Provisional Certification and Cloud Security Alliance STAR Level 1 certified.

    View our security certifications and credentials

Future-Proof Solutions

Investing in Redwood products ensures that your workload automation is working at top efficiency now and into the future—no matter your tech stack, systems, applications or complexity, from on-prem mainframes to cloud services. Our full stack automation allows you to connect and automate any process end-to-end from a single platform with continuous innovations to support future growth and scalability.

Workload Automation Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Workload Automation?

Workload automation software automates business processes, eliminating the need for human intervention to schedule, run and manage tasks within a business process or transaction across different systems and computing environments.

What is the difference between Workload Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Both powerful solutions, robotic process automation (RPA) and workflow automation (WLA), have synergies and differences. RPA deploys software robots to automate repetitive tasks and data entry, reducing the scope of human error. RPA bots operate on rules-based approaches, streamlining specific tasks and interacting with user interfaces, applications and APIs, mimicking human tasks and enhancing efficiency.

On the other hand, WLA focuses on automating the flow of tasks within business processes, facilitating end-to-end optimization. This involves utilizing automation tools and technologies to streamline work activities, improve decision-making and minimize bottlenecks, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of business operations.

Read more about the difference between RPA vs WLA.

What are the benefits of Workload Automation?

Key benefits of modern workload automation include: Faster and more reliable process execution, minimizing human errors and operating with 100% consistency while strictly adhering to business, technical and compliance rules, Seamless connection across all technologies and the entire IT environment with integrations, out-of-the-box connectors and API working across the whole IT environment, Scalability with the ability to limitlessly connect processes across systems and applications as tech stacks develop without needing additional infrastructure or workforce investment,

Who uses Workload Automation?

Organizations with business processes across multiple systems and applications can benefit from workload automation. Whether managing day-to-day tasks and operations, data pipelines, billing processes, employee onboarding, service level agreements (SLAs), managed file transfer (MFT) solutions or more complex processes like procure-to-pay (P2P) and meter-to-cash (M2C), workload automation from Redwood improves business processes and efficiency and drives better business outcomes.