Redwood RunMyJobs SaaS Alternative to IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS)

Avoid complex pricing and poor functionality by switching to a modern workload automation solution.

  • Eliminate surprise cost overages and complex licensing models
  • More functionality out of the box without costly modules and connectors
  • Experienced 24×7 proactive support and dedicated Customer Success
  • Proven results migrating customers to RunMyJobs

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Modern Automation That Turns Your IT Vision Into Reality

Escape Your Aging and Costly Job Scheduling

There is no better time to make the switch away from TWS jobs, TWS mainframe, IBM Tivoli Netcool or Tivoli Workload Scheduler. These old schedulers simply aren’t built to meet the needs of modern digital businesses. IBM Tivoli workload automation was born in the 1970s – and it is showing its age. From complex licensing requirements to manual processes, nickel-and-dime add-ons to sky-high TCO, Tivoli is an automation dinosaur that can’t keep up with the high volume and dynamic scheduling required by your most important business applications.

Automate Anything, Anywhere

Redwood’s enterprise workload automation solutions make it easy to automate any process no matter where your applications are hosted, or what the underlying technologies are.

  • Automate real-time processes and manage dependencies across any on-premises, cloud-based or containerized endpoint
  • Seamlessly coordinate and integrate legacy systems, OS activity, API interactions and open-source software products
  • Easily build consumable automation services and microservices using native SOA APIs and formats including REST/JSON and SOAP/XML
  • Coordinate data warehousing across Amazon Redshift, SAP BW, Hadoop, Snowflake, Databricks, Google BigQuery and other providers

High-Volume, Dynamic Scheduling

  • Single-tenant cloud architecture with zero-effort maintenance and guaranteed 99.95% uptime
  • Easily set flexible load balancing and process priorities across applications to provide reliable services to every end-user
  • Control servers and run scripts with lightweight, self-updating agents for Windows, Linux, AIX, HPUX, macOS, OpenVMS and Solaris
  • Easily move, copy and manage millions of files per month from anywhere to anywhere with included MFT capabilities

Leave Your Outdated IBM Tivoli Job Scheduler Behind

The benefits of making the switch to Redwood’s workload automation and orchestration include:

Better Performance

Dynamically balance workloads and manage high volumes of activities across multiple systems and applications.

Better Visibility

Get a self-service dashboard view into critical processes.

Better Governance

Define rules, structure, and security to reduce risk in business process execution.

Better Control

Manage process deadlines, workflows and decision making to react to ever-changing conditions before they impact your business.

Automation as SaaS

Cloud-based workload scheduling eliminates the hassle of hosting, deploying and maintaining automation platforms so your team can focus on orchestrating processes across on-premises, hybrid and cloud-native environments.

  • Coordinate deployment and provisioning applications in hybrid cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure
  • Automate virtualization including VMware, Xen and Amazon EC2 and containers such as Docker, Kubernetes and Amazon ECS
  • Move applications to Amazon, Azure, Google and other cloud platforms easily without additional licenses or tedious configuration management

Redwood Has a Proven Migration Approach

Redwood’s reliable processes and advanced migration tools make for a smooth transition from existing workload automation tools and job schedulers to RunMyJobs. Our migration team will help lead your strategy to ensure a seamless experience.

Step 1: Configuration

We assign a dedicated team, conduct a thorough analysis of your existing processes, and identify a phased migration plan that starts with your organization’s low-risk processes, allowing your teams to gain confidence in the migration process.

Step 2: Data Import

We start with a non-production environment to safely import and test your existing workload automations by using proprietary Mercury conversion tools to efficiently copy over your workload automations and give your teams hands-on experience.

  • Auto import using proven tools for Control-M, Autosys, Automic and more
  • Hands-on value enablement

Step 3: Test & Go Live

We verified all processes with acceptance testing and QA testing. Once it’s approved, we will move individual process automations into production. We deliver results by using our agreed-upon phasing plan and go-live checklist.

  • Acceptance & QA testing
  • Systematic production phasing ensures smooth operations

The Risk-Free Way to Modernize

  • Object-oriented design makes it easy to run parallel environments simultaneously during the transition
  • Securely access Redwood’s intuitive process automation interface through any browser without installation
  • Orchestrate your data management systems to ensure more timely and accurate results while reducing the need for troubleshooting
  • Use built-in service level IT monitoring tools to guarantee performance of critical business processes and IT operations

With Redwood we achieved immediate visibility of any problems that arose, so that corrective action could be taken immediately. Since implementation we have not had any operational overruns.

Chris Waterfield, Business Systems Manager, Anglian Water

Expand Enterprise Management With an All-In-One Automation Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IBM Tivoli used for?

Tivoli offered software solutions for IT management including scheduling and infrastructure management tools. Tivoli Workload Scheduler was an early workload automation (WLA) solution that is widely regarded as “legacy”. Tivoli was purchased by IBM in 1996 and the Tivoli brand was discontinued in 2013. Today, many enterprises have migrated to WLA solutions designed to manage cloud-based workflows. See what you can achieve with Redwood.

How do I know if I need an alternative to Tivoli?

Many organizations will migrate to new workload automation solutions as their data centers become more complex. Legacy automation tools require custom scripts and are too unreliable to easily scale. Integration can become a challenge as well as organizations require new tools and technologies that aging WLA solutions weren’t designed for. See what you can achieve with Redwood.

Is it easy to migrate to Redwood from IBM Tivoli?

Yes, Redwood makes it easy to migrate from legacy systems including IBM Tivoli products. Redwood works with partners to ensure quick, reliable implementations and also provides hands-off upgrades, performance health checks, consultations and more, so your team can maximize ROI sooner rather than later. See what you can achieve with Redwood.

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With Redwood’s cloud-native automation and orchestration platform, your business can transform to meet the challenges of the hybrid, digital enterprise. Achieve more through automation: more efficiency, more resiliency, more flexibility, more customer loyalty, and more opportunity. Let our team show you why thousands of leading organizations worldwide rely on Redwood to help them excel in the digital age with workload automation.

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