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Global enterprises cannot remain stagnant in this ever-changing technology landscape. Your ERP (enterprise resource planning) software is the backbone of your business and the competitive marketplace demands your organization’s ERP transform at the rapid pace of digital transformation.

For SAP customers, your ERP is responsible for your critical finance, accounting and business activities.  How can your enterprise, with limited IT resources, flex and evolve to manage multiple locations, numerous business units and competing organizational priorities while managing complex SAP workflows? 

The solution is a comprehensive workload automation platform. The integration of job scheduling capabilities from RunMyJobs enables your mission-critical processes to keep your organization growing.

You’re not alone — more than 5,000 SAP customers are staring down the 2027 deadline to migrate their legacy SAP systems to SAP S/4HANA. As businesses migrate to S/4HANA they will reap the benefits of technological advancements that are currently lacking in older SAP systems: 

  • Real-time processing 
  • In-memory computing 
  • Advanced analytics capabilities 

SAP customers will also see increased efficiency and productivity across your operations with:

  • Faster processing speeds
  • Reduced data redundancy 
  • Simplified data models 

SAP knows that migrating to S/4HANA requires significant investment and effort. To assist customers, SAP created the RISE program, a one-stop solution for SAP customers seeking a smooth transition to the cloud or a private deployment of the powerful S/4HANA ERP system. However, S/4HANA has limited job scheduling capabilities. You will need intelligent business process automation through an enterprise job scheduler compatible with S/4HANA. RunMyJobs is the missing link to accelerate your RISE journey.

Why is RunMyJobs the best job scheduling choice? 

You have many automation solutions to choose from.  One of the most critical areas to consider is the number of applications that the platform integrates with. The most dynamic workload automation solution isn’t the right choice unless it can connect with the applications your organization relies upon. 

S/4HANA handles key accounting activities like order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and more. These time and resource-intensive tasks provide prime opportunities for automation. Users can also ensure accurate and timely execution of their end-to-end supply chain management in SAP S/4HANA by connecting with SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) while leveraging SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services (CI-DS).

RunMyJob understands how important SAP is and has invested in creating deep integrations with SAP and its core products, including S/4HANA, ECC, BW, Business Objects, IS-U, PI, Solution Manager, APO, IBP, BTP and more. 

Redwood RunMyJobs is the #1 recommended job scheduler for SAP customers because it offers innovations compatible with S/4HANA.

Job scheduling scalability

  • Cloud-based architecture: RunMyJobs can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, allowing you to leverage scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure to handle increasing workloads.
  • Integration with diverse data sources: Connect with various databases, file systems and applications to handle data-intensive workflows seamlessly.
  • Volume processing: RunMyJobs can handle thousands of concurrent jobs and seamlessly manage complex workflows with numerous dependencies.
  • Bulk scheduling: Schedule large batches of jobs at once for efficient execution and minimize manual intervention.
  • Automated data transfer: Schedule automatic data transfers between systems to keep job workloads balanced.

Continuous monitoring

  • Automatic scaling: RunMyJobs can automatically scale up or down its resources based on job demands, optimizing costs and preventing resource bottlenecks.
  • Load balancing: Distributes workloads evenly across resources to optimize performance and prevent server overloading.
  • Alerts and notifications: Receive timely notifications about job failures, successes and resource constraints for efficient management.
  • Reporting and analytics: Generate comprehensive reports on job execution, resource usage and performance trends. These reports help you identify patterns, optimize workflows and demonstrate the value of automation to stakeholders.

Seamless integration

  • Pre-built connectors: Enjoy out-of-the-box integrations with popular enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, CRM systems, and more. 
  • Open APIs: Developers can build custom integrations to connect RunMyJobs with any application or system using well-documented APIs.
  • Data mapping and transformation: Convert and adapt data between different formats and structures to ensure effortless flow.
  • Centralized control and visibility: Manage all integrated applications and data sources from a single console, simplifying monitoring and control.
  • Orchestrate data management: Seamlessly automate data tasks in Informatica, Apache Airflow, Azure Data Factory and more.
  • Bring cloud storage into workflows: Using Amazon S3, Azure Storage, Google Storage and more.

The power of job scheduling automation 

As the #1 recommended job scheduler for SAP customers, RunMyJobs will unlock the power of S/4HANA through improved operational efficiency and agility, reduced costs and increased ROI. Global enterprises like Kaeser Compressors leveraged RunMyJobs to keep their branches and trading partners in over 140 countries, with around 7,000 employees worldwide running 24/7. RunMyJobs helped Kaeser improve automation efficiency and reduced administrative effort by optimizing how their critical business processes were automated. 

RunMyJobs boosts your S/4HANA investment

RunMyJobs is the full-stack automation solution for your mission-critical business processes. Prebuilt integrations across enterprise applications provide faster implementation, reduced complexity, improved data flow, enhanced automation and improved agility. You can migrate with confidence with a clear roadmap and a trusted partner. Redwood provides onsite training and continuous innovation that future-proofs your transition. 

2027 is closer than you think. Applications that rely on the Netweaver Java stack, including SAP Business Process Automation by Redwood will no longer have support. To avoid running on unsupported software, now is the time to make plans to migrate onto a new automation platform. Our automation experts are available to discuss RunMyJobs and the new SAP automation you can gain by moving.

Get an in-depth look at RunMyJobs through Redwood’s integration with S/4HANA and other SAP solutions, and see the platform’s additional automation capabilities by scheduling a call with our team.
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