Every successful expedition requires the right combination of tools and team, especially that trusted partner that’s with you all the way. Every Lewis needs a Clark. Every Lone Ranger needs a Tonto. Every Frodo needs a Sam. The trusted partner anticipates your needs, understands your goals and steps in as needed along the way.

Many enterprises are embarking on an expedition with SAP S4/HANA, SAP’s new cloud-based ERP. SAP recognizes that its customers need dedicated support as they transition to the cloud, a multi-year undertaking that is no simple task. It formed the RISE with SAP program to help companies make the decisions and overcome the difficulties of this cloud transition.

As you commence your cloud transformation journey in the “RISE with SAP” program, you’ll encounter S4/HANA’s limited job scheduling capabilities that require business process automation through a WLA/job scheduler solution. Redwood is the trusted partner you need: the #1 recommended job scheduler for SAP customers.

Any old WLA/job scheduler won’t cut it on this expedition. You need an out-of-the-box ready to integrate, WLA/job scheduler that won’t impede your transition. 

  • Compatibility: RISE companies need to evaluate whether a new WLA/job scheduler solution can handle their workloads efficiently and effectively in the cloud environment, or they risk compatibility issues with their cloud infrastructure and applications. 
  • Integration: RISE companies must ensure that new WLA/job schedulers can integrate seamlessly with their existing applications, as well as the cloud services that they are currently using or planning to use in the future. This includes cloud storage, databases, and other applications.
  • Continuous Operations: RISE companies need a clear migration plan in place to ensure a smooth transition from the old solution to the new one. This includes defining the scope of the migration, setting timelines and deadlines, and defining roles and responsibilities for each team member involved in the process.
  • New Automation Development: RISE companies may need to conduct a detailed analysis of their business processes and workflows to identify areas where automation can be implemented and improved. Once these requirements have been identified, they’ll need to develop a plan for building and testing the new automations. This may involve working closely with the new job scheduling solution provider to understand their development environment and best practices for developing automations.
  • Security: RISE companies need to evaluate WLA/job scheduler’s security protocols, compliance certifications, and data protection policies to ensure that they have robust security measures in place to protect data and applications.
  • Training and support: RISE companies need employee training on any new WLA/job scheduler solution and sufficient support available to help them during the transition to S4/HANA. 
  • Human capital redeployment: If human intervention was necessary to facilitate prior WLA/job schedulers or to actively monitor process performance, RISE companies may need to rethink and rescope individual roles. 

With all of these concerns threatening an S4/HANA transition at the very start, enterprises need a trusted partner to come alongside them in the RISE program. Redwood RunMyJobs WLA/job scheduler has a long history and proven track record of automating SAP customers’ mission-critical business processes. Redwood RMJ is a fully modern SaaS platform built to scale that enables your transformation to the cloud while in the RISE program, keeping automations running as you transition to S4/HANA.

  • RunMyJobs has been a trusted SAP partner for more than two decades. It is the #1 recommended job scheduler for SAP customers.
  • Only RunMyJobs has a native API to connect to and integrate with S4/HANA Public Cloud in the WLA/job scheduler space, requiring no additional time and resources for programming support.
  • RunMyJobs can connect to any tech stack today, and is flexible to connect to any tech stack a company may have tomorrow. By keeping a clean core with pre-built out of the box integrations, RunMyJobs enables enterprises to:
    • Retain control over operations at all steps of their journey to S4/HANA
    • Consolidate job scheduling requirements in a powerful and flexible platform
    • Unlock new efficiencies in current and future processes

As you stand at the beginning of your SAP S4/HANA transition, Redwood is ready to serve as your trusted partner. With RunMyJobs, you’ll know where you’re going, what you need to get there and how to find success in the RISE with SAP program.