Event-driven Process Automation

Easily create and orchestrate business processes for real-time results with Redwood’s automation.

Build Elegant, Intelligent Automation

  • Low-code graphical editor with extensive library of included templates and wizards help you build processes in minutes
  • Easily create multi-step process chains to execute tasks in parallel for faster completion
  • Customizable preconditions and branching paths based on status build exception-handling intelligence right into your processes
  • Support for more than 25 scripting languages and interfaces including Python, R and PowerShell with built-in syntax highlighting and parameter replacement
  • Included multi-tier environments allow independent development, test, and production with simple promotion between environments
  • Integrated source control, rollback and audit trails enable complete lifecycle management of your processes

Make Exceptions a Thing of the Past

Build resilience into your processes and reduce the need for manual intervention. Set flags based on execution results to control the flow of current and future processes. Use branching paths to skip or repeat steps, take other actions or trigger other processes. Automate your processes and your runbook with Redwood’s BMC Control-M alternative.

Orchestrate Processes and Data Pipelines

  • Take the guesswork out of scheduling and simply start processes the moment data or files are available
  • Ensure files and data are complete and accurate before starting processes by verifying specific conditions such as record counts, timestamps, size and wildcard name pattern matches
  • Trigger the start of other processes with custom events for seamless, real-time orchestration
  • Easily prioritize and balance process capacity to maximize your throughput with dynamic workload balancing

Deliver Business Results in Real Time

  • Event-driven and data-driven orchestration lets you give business teams accurate, complete data and results faster than ever
  • With accurate, real-time data your enterprise can make more informed decisions and support time-critical applications such as just-in-time supply chain management
  • Built-in SLA monitoring allows you to meet your SLA commitments and get early warning when deadlines are predicted to slip

Create Complex Schedules Easily

For the few processes that need traditional time-and-date scheduling, Redwood’s powerful process automation capabilities can easily meet any requirements, no matter how complex.

  • Ready-to-use Schedules

    Start from a library of patterns and worldwide holidays and add your own
  • Full Time Zone Support

    Automatically schedule across multiple time zones and daylight saving rules
  • Flexible Patterns

    Create your own patterns from any dates, time windows and repeat frequencies
  • Year After Year

    Perpetual calendars and time windows don't need to be updated every year

Build It Once, Use It Everywhere

With Redwood’s Business Process Automation, you can escape the costly nightmare of managing and maintaining tens of thousands of duplicated job definitions across legacy job scheduling tools.

  • Eliminate needless duplication, ensure consistency and reduce errors with reusable process steps, sequences, calendars and other elements
  • Eliminate time-consuming edits to update individual tasks when similar processes or schedules change — update it once and apply it everywhere