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Regular readers of the technology and business press will probably be familiar with the term ‘unicorn’ – first popularized back in 2013 by TechCrunch.

It was used in an article about venture capital, and referred to the unlikely eventuality that any startup an investor backed would go on to achieve a valuation of more than $1 billion. It was also a fairly narrow definition, as it only looked at US-based software businesses started since 2003.

Its use has become more common since then, but there were only 39 ‘unicorns’ six years ago. At the time of writing, there are now 452.

However, despite the headlines (and revenues) they generate, there’s a mundane truth lying below the surface of even the most exciting, most feted unicorns: they simply can’t scale their operations to those billion-dollar heights without automation.

Move Fast. Don’t Break Things.

Workload automation and scheduling might not be something these companies are familiar with during their early days, but once any business needs to get down to the essentials of things like processing orders, managing subscriptions or the million other repeatable processes, trying to do it at that kind of scale manually just isn’t sustainable.

And where some automation solutions require extensive training, endless software updates and dedicated data centers, we built RunMyJobs by Redwood® scheduling to provide the flexibility modern enterprises demand, without the associated headaches and avoidable costs.

Like any other business, unicorn or not, these rapidly-growing companies need a way to better handle workloads and schedule essential day-to-day business activities and transactions.

A unicorn isn’t judged by its valuation alone, however. Another defining characteristic is the velocity of its ascent – and with rapid growth comes millions, or billions, of transactions.

At this level, managing the complexity of these activities flawlessly – while maintaining that all-important rapid growth – isn’t just desirable, it’s mission critical.

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