Security Management

Establish automated processes to support your enterprise security framework. Enforce standards and controls that prevent outside control of processes.

Logical Frameworks
Incorporate tasks from security systems such as governance, risk and compliance (GRC) within automated processes.
Business Processes
Automatically configure and coordinate process controls for consistency across the complex enterprise.
Proactive Steps
Automate critical internal processes to eliminate the danger of unauthorized control from outside the organization.

Workload Automation: The Backbone of Consistent Enterprise Operations

Redwood’s business process automation orchestrates data extracts, transfers and loads across your IT environment. Automate control of backups, database maintenance and other core infrastructure tasks with an auditable record of how it all happens.

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Redwood is the heartbeat of our processes, and it would be a challenge to work without it.

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Make Your It Resources Hard to Hack

  • Easily standardize processes across the enterprise—stop unusual activity
  • Prevent unauthorized access or movement of sensitive data
  • Maintain detailed records of processes—including exactly who did what and when

Redwood’s automation solution provides us with exact details about our automated processes with auditable reports of the history of process changes, who made them, and when. This makes governance, risk and compliance much simpler in our complex enterprise.

Director of IT, International Finance Organization

Keep Your Data in Your Enterprise

Redwood keeps all of the output information and data from your processes within your data center and control. It’s never transferred or stored in the cloud. This keeps network traffic low and security high.

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