Incident Management

Automated support for your support desk – your secret weapon for robust service operations. Maintain the highest standards for ITIL and ISO 20000. Support dynamic business growth.

A logical framework for auto-remediation and notification.
Next-generation automation with your ITSM or ITOM suite.
Automatically documented, fully auditable and compliant processes.
Details of incidents and their resolutions.
Potential issues before they happen.
Team members to take immediate action.
Problems without human intervention.

An Automation Advantage for Every SLA

The people, processes and technologies that keep your SLAs in line need robust and flexible automation. Drive escalation and remediation without extra work. Escape firefighting for good with Redwood.

With Redwood, we’ve created automated workflows that remediate common issues quickly. Now, many never even show up as tickets. The service automatically opens tickets when we receive alerts from our monitoring systems. Our service desk is doing more than ever now-with less effort.

IT Operations Director, US Retailer

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