In today’s organizations, manual tasks can become a huge distraction, taking up time, money and energy that could be better used elsewhere. We give you the ability to execute with speed and predictable accuracy.

We automate manual tasks so your people can focus on the work that really drives your business forward.

Singular Focus
Automation has been our passion for more than 25 years. We provide our customers with complete solutions to tackle real-world business process challenges.  
Service Delivery
Gone are the restrictive and costly days of traditional software. We deliver fully managed solutions so our customers can concentrate on what they do best.    
Expert Execution
With our unparalleled expertise, we know exactly what’s needed for successful implementation. We deliver best-of-breed solutions and maximize the impact of automation for our customers.

Automation is in our DNA  

We’re all about automation and we always have been. We haven’t had to pivot our business or branch out into a new space. Our mission is to drive automation excellence for our customers.

Ever since we were founded we’ve helped define the automation space. As leaders, we continue to provide the most flexible, agile and adaptable solutions available for robotics, scheduling, and reporting automation.

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We’re the only technology company to consistently deliver global leadership in scheduling, reporting, and robotic process automation. Our solutions deliver...

Faster Results
Automated processes provide rapid execution. Complete complex tasks in parallel to maximize efficiency. Build increased speed into everything you do.  
Greater Accuracy
Every automated task is performed identically, every time. Eliminate errors from manual effort or process deviations. Support business expectations with absolute consistency.
Complete Control
We provide the solutions our customers need to build complete processes that are 100% visible, auditable and under control. Test before deployment to avoid surprises.

We used to manually reconcile accounts. Looking for the right information and executing T-codes one by one, it could take 45 minutes to find the information we needed. With Redwood, this same process is automated and takes 2 to 3 minutes.

Sheila Creeks, Principal Finance Manager, Genentech

the redwood portfolio

Helps eliminate the unwanted distractions of repetitive manual tasks across SAP®, ERP and associated processes, to boost back-office efficiency.
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Supports IT teams with fully managed cloud-based job scheduling. Save time and energy with one simple, reliable and centralized process automation solution.
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Provides clarity and focus with essential data at people’s fingertips. Automatically delivers business-critical reports when and where they’re needed – and in the right format.    
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