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As Aristotle once said, “He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.” Aristotle may not have imagined his quote being used in a blog about workload automation migration fears, but his words ring true nonetheless. And having a fear of migration is legitimate. What you currently use for automation might be “ok” and working “fine” for now, so why would you risk potential disruptions, increases in cost and all that stress?

Because, the right migration partner will help you overcome those fears and gain that glorious freedom Aristotle was talking about. Freedom to spend your time innovating instead of fixing. Freedom knowing you won’t be getting surprise bills for things you thought you already paid for. Freedom to grow and adapt without sacrificing security or reliability.

We don’t settle for “ok” or “fine,” and we don’t think you should have to either. Redwood wants to address your biggest migration fears and instill in you the confidence, comfort and control you deserve from your migration partner.

Fear #1: I don’t have time for this.

We’re going to be honest… doing migration well does take time. BUT, it takes less time than you think when you have the right partner – and the key word is partner. We all know that when you have the right people by your side working collaboratively with you, things can get done faster. And you don’t have to skip steps or sweep potential issues under the rug to do it. The right migration partner is focused on minimizing time, effort and risk without losing sight of the bigger picture – doing it right.

A good partner will start the migration process using a combination of automated migration tools and internal professional services to make sure all the jobs that you want to migrate can be migrated. Even better, that team of professionals can help you consolidate and streamline jobs, reducing complexity and sometimes even reducing the number of job definitions by a third or more. There will be a dedicated, in-house team always ready to help, optimizing the process and reducing wait times, while keeping you fully operational throughout the migration. And a good partner won’t leave you waiting on them for brainstorming and implementing updates because they “own” the process. Instead, the focus will be on enabling you to take control of your own automation infrastructure, because the best person to be in charge of your business is you.

Redwood has over 30 years of experience doing all those things, and we value building collaborative partnerships with our clients above all else. Our highly skilled, professional migration team is made up of experts who have provided enterprise migration assistance across a wide range of applications, platforms, implementations and industries. We tailor each migration process to your unique environment and business goals and construct a thoughtful, streamlined plan that best meets your needs. And we aim beyond just getting it done on time – we also get it done right. So, trust us, your time will be well spent.

Fear #2: It’s too expensive.

Sure, you have to put some money in to get something out of it. But, we can tell you that your initial investment in moving to Redwood’s workload automation orchestration solution, RunMyJobs, will pale in comparison to the results you’ll see from your increased productivity and efficiency after you migrate. Oh, and you won’t be hit with surprise audits and fees from your vendor either. We work with transparent, execution-based pricing, meaning you pay for what you use and nothing more. This pricing predictability allows you to confidently direct your resources toward innovation and business growth instead of worrying about cost overages.

In addition, the cloud-native, designed-for-SaaS RunMyJobs architecture eliminates burdensome infrastructure costs and operational efforts, and, to top it all off, you get fully automated updates, guaranteed uptime and 24/7 support. After moving to Redwood, companies have seen 60% reduction in TCO, 80% reduction in job definitions and 20% increase in uptime, just like computer processor magnate AMD experienced after they migrated to RunMyJobs. Really, you can’t afford not to migrate when you think about it.

Fear #3: My infrastructure is too complex, and I might lose functionality.

We know the whole reason you need to migrate is to gain something, not lose something. Maybe you’ve outgrown your automation tool(s), or maybe you’re just wondering if there’s something better out there. Either way, you have a lot of moving parts, so how can one solution make sense of it all? Going through every single level of your automation infrastructure step-by-step to find out exactly what you need out of your automation solution is absolutely fundamental to the success of the migration process. Our Redwood team works with you directly to plan and execute the entire process so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

And we don’t stop at knowing the best practices for hundreds of use cases and applications (although we know every last one of them) – we also constantly look for ways to improve, invigorate and disrupt the status quo of it all. We can integrate anything you throw at us, and we can probably make it faster, better, stronger… you get the idea. That’s how you know we’ll make sure you gain functionality from migration. We aren’t looking to just lift-and-shift you over. We think dealing with complexity is overrated and achieving more with less effort is fantastic. So, we work hard to make you more efficient and just plain awesome at automation, while ALSO giving you unprecedented control over a simpler, but more functional platform in the process. We think that’s pretty cool.

Fear #4: Things might go wrong, and disruptions could spell disaster.

As a trusted migration partner, the priority is keeping you up-and-running during migration without causing disruptions. It may seem like a high standard, but here’s the thing: it’s an achievable one. The testing and validation steps of Redwood’s migration process are so important to us that we don’t go live until we know every wrinkle has been smoothed out with the work we do. And we pride ourselves on the fact that our customers do not experience business-critical disruptions caused by the migration process.

We’re prepared because we’ve seen it all, and we prevent costly mistakes that can happen when you don’t have an experienced partner on your team. Pro tips for automation are our specialty, and we are beyond happy to share them.

Fear #5: All of this is too overwhelming.

Redwood is all about building an actual, ongoing relationship with you. Our consulting expertise is available to help guide you and give you plenty of thumbs up along the way. We want to make sure you are set up for success.

Also, our solution grows as your business grows. You don’t have to be afraid that, as soon as you get done migrating, you’ll already be behind the technological curve again. Our unparalleled scalability means Redwood can be your forever home. Whatever you need to get out of your automation solution, we’re there for you for the long haul.

With Redwood by your side, the dreaded migration process doesn’t have to be dreadful at all. We can overcome any fears you have together, so you can be free. Let’s make Aristotle proud.