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Integrate SAP BusinessObjects with RunMyJobs

by Redwood Software

Improve optimization and management of analysis tools in SAP BusinessObjects, including web intelligence reports, Crystal Reports, ad-hoc queries and other datasets reporting, using RunMyJobs

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Automate tasks and workflows related to BusinessObjects and gain better control over the timing and sequence of reporting and data refreshes from multiple sources. Get real-time visibility and easy access to report status and log files, ultimately improving the efficiency and decision-making within your organization.

Key Features

  • Report execution via scheduled or event-triggered generation of reports of BusinessObjects reports and queries
  • Manage dependencies to ensure tasks are executed in the correct sequence and that downstream processes wait for the completion of report generation
  • Export data from BusinessObjects reports or datasets to various formats, such as CSV, Excel, or PDF, for further processing or distribution
  • Monitor the status of BusinessObjects reports and trigger alerts or notifications in case of failures or exceptions, enabling timely intervention

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