Webinar On-Demand: Making Intelligent Automation Work: End-to-End Business Processes Orchestration

Automating processes and tasks in your SAP ecosystem boosts efficiency, productivity and agility while reducing risks, errors and effort. But extending the scope of automation beyond sequences of discrete tasks to a complete business process – end-to-end – those gains can grow exponentially.

Modern approaches including Intelligent Automation and hyper automation promise to transform operations and transcend results from conventional automation. However, in practice, unifying the tools and technologies for that holistic business process automation can be challenging.

In this session, you’ll learn how to make those modern approaches work to achieve greater control and visibility of the business processes within and across your SAP landscape. You’ll see why orchestration of automated processes is crucial to managing end-to-end business processes, and how to bring diverse data sources, applications, your SAP system, and even other automation tools into a single pane of glass.

We’ll show how you can implement an end-to-end view of business process automation can help you deliver on the promise of Intelligent Automation and hyper automation to:

  • Make better decisions and be more proactive
  • Improve process resilience and self-recovery
  • Overcome limitations of operational silos and legacy tools


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