Workflow Automation Done Right

Streamline your workflows and accelerate your digital transformation with Redwood’s no-code Workflow Automation Software.

Experience Endless Automation Possibilities

Redwood Business Process Automation is a cloud-based SaaS workflow management software and job scheduling solution.

  • Automate processes seamlessly across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments with minimal human intervention
  • Orchestrate automation for ERP systems, including SAP and Oracle
  • Establish a comprehensive audit trail for all process and user activity and enforce business rules across the enterprise
  • Create workflows to support diverse IT business operations, including managed file transfer, hybrid cloud automation, complex data management, and DevOps
  • Quickly incorporate REST or SOAP web services with easy-to-use API wizards
  • Automate any application’s process with a drag-and-drop workflow designer and use any connector with no additional licensing
  • Empower business team members and stakeholders to leverage process automation through intuitive self-service
  • Publish automated processes as microservices or interactive service endpoints

The Best SaaS Solution

RunMyJob’s SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution simplifies business process management by providing all necessary tools without requiring additional infrastructure costs and effort. It’s why RunMyJob’s workflow automation is recognized as the “Best SaaS Workload Automation Solution” by EMA (Enterprise Management Associates®).

  • All Connectors Included

    Automate your enterprise applications effortlessly with RunMyJob's pre-built connectors, without requiring any additional licenses.
  • Fully-Hosted Infrastructure

    Reduce the complexity, expense, and continuous maintenance requirements associated with on-premises automation infrastructure.
  • Uncompromising Security

    Secure your processes and data with complete encryption within an ISO 27001- and SOC 2-certified environment.
  • Simple Pricing Plans

    RunMyJob's pricing plans allow you to scale your automation by paying only for what you use.

Frequently Asked Questions about Workflow Automation

What is a workflow automation platform?

Workflow automation refers to the use of technology to automate and streamline business workflows, such as data entry, task assignment, document management, and communication. The goal of workflow automation is to reduce manual effort, eliminate errors, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

Some examples of workflow automation include sales lead management (capturing, qualifying, and routing leads), Human Resources (HR) onboarding (sending offer letters automatically, collecting new hire paperwork, scheduling training sessions), and customer support (creating support tickets and sending follow-up notifications to customers).

Overall, workflow automation can help businesses become more efficient, save time and money, and free up their IT resources for higher-value tasks.

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What are the Best Workflow Automation Tools?

Some of the best workflow tools out there include:

  1. Redwood Workload Automation
  2. ActiveBatch
  3. BMC Control-M
  4. Broadcom CA Workload Automic
  5. StoneBranch
  6. SMA OpCon
  7. Jams Scheduler
  8. IBM Workload Automation

RunMyJob is designed to scale with your IT team as they encounter new requirements and initiatives, such as regulatory compliance and digital transformation. The platform offers all the necessary features and connectors, and utilizes a straightforward pay-as-you-go pricing model.
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What is Redwood’s workflow automation software?

Redwood WLA software (Workload Automation) is a powerful tool that can be used for many use-cases including job scheduling, batch processing, file transfer, cloud orchestration, workflow management, project management, and various additional workflow processes.

Overall, RunMyJobs WLA software can help organizations improve their operational efficiency by decreasing time-consuming manual tasks (like data entry and approval processes), reduce errors and delays, and ensure that critical business processes run smoothly and reliably.

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Does Redwood support cloud-based workflow automation?

RunMyJobs provides a cloud-based platform for workflow automation that seamlessly coordinates processes across IT and business domains. This empowers organizations to swiftly develop new services and applications and expand as needed. With RunMyJobs, you can leverage a wide range of pre-built templates, wizards, calendars, and schedules, and automate virtually anything using over 25 scripting languages and user-friendly interfaces.

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How Does RunMyJobs’ Workflow Automation Platform Work?

Conventional workflow automation tools may not meet all the needs of a modern IT landscape. Our cross-platform workflow automation solution enables users to schedule tasks to execute independently and join a chain or queue of tasks. These tasks are managed by our process servers, which securely interact with your target systems to complete them. Our ultimate objective is to create a unified point of command and to integrate a resilient, flexible, and highly efficient automation infrastructure into the core of the enterprise.

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