RunMyJobs by Redwood SaaS Alternative to ActiveBatch

  • End-to-End Process Orchestration: Simplify enterprise automation – manage and monitor all applications and servers under a single pane of glass.
  • Secure, Reliable SaaS: Secure your data with enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure. Zero-effort maintenance reduces the demand on IT resources.
  • Intuitive, High-Performance Interface: Low-code approach makes it easy to expand the use of automation across IT teams and business users.

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Orchestrate IT, Finance And Business Workflows

Simplify Maintenance And Streamline Upgrades With Redwood

RunMyJobs by Redwood is the only Workload Automation tool on the market that was purpose-built as a SaaS solution. This means simplified maintenance, streamlined upgrades, and greater adoption across the enterprise.

Make the Switch

Migrating is easier than you think. In its recent “RADAR for Workload Automation: Q4 2021” report, leading analyst Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA) recognized Redwood as a Value Leader and Best SaaS Workload Automation solution. Redwood’s automation is the world’s only true SaaS solution for workload automation and job scheduling. Consistent leadership, dedication and investment have kept us at least five years ahead of any other automation technology. For nearly three decades, we’ve successfully moved customers from ActiveBatch, BMC, Broadcom Control-M, IBM Workload Automation, Tidal, AutoSys, Stonebranch and more.

EMA Radar™ Report for Workload Automation and Orchestration 2023

This report provides a third-party evaluation and customer feedback of RunMyJobs by Redwood, including:

  • Comparison of functionality, deployment, cost and more vs. industry average
  • Architecture for customer networks and cloud infrastructure
  • Key features around integrations, predictive SLAs and alerts and migration
  • Vendor strengths for vision, credibility, geographical coverage and more
  • Customer interviews and users’ favorite features

Download to learn how RunMyJobs successfully automates millions of critical business processes – and hear what real-life customers have to say.

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SaaS - Purpose-built for Modern Workloads

Here’s why Redwood is ranked as the best SaaS workload automation tool by EMA in its latest market assessment report.


Automation on-demand. Unlimited scalability. API integration. Unlimited connectors.

Pay for What You Use

Consumption-based pricing. No expansion constraints. Lowest TCO in the industry.


Cloud-based. No additional infrastructure required. No added maintenance and guaranteed 99.95% uptime.

Fully Managed Automation

Fast installation. Easy migration. Managed service.

Automate Anything, Anywhere

Redwood’s drag-and-drop UI makes it easy to automate any cross-platform process no matter where your applications are hosted, or what the underlying technologies are.

  • Automate real-time processes, managed file transfers and dependencies across any on-premises, cloud-based or containerized endpoint
  • Seamlessly coordinate and integrate legacy ERP systems, OS activity, API adapters and business process automation solutions
  • Enable DevOps to build consumable job steps and microservices using native SOA APIs and formats including REST/JSON and SOAP/XML
  • Coordinate big data across Amazon Redshift, SAP BW, Hadoop, Snowflake, Databricks, Google BigQuery and other data center systems

A Single Solution for All Your Workload Automation Needs

Improve Performance

Deliver high availability and maximum performance to dynamically balance workloads and manage high volumes of activities across multiple systems and applications.

Increase Visibility

Get a self-service view into critical business processes, showing trends and probabilities, as well as status updates on approvals, decisions, and responses.

Ensure Governance

Define rules, structure, and security to reduce risk in business process execution. Secure your data. Enforce a reason for change and roll back if needed.

Regain Control

Manage process deadlines, workflows and decision-making to react to ever-changing conditions before they impact your business.

High-Volume, Dynamic Scheduling

  • Single-tenant cloud architecture with zero-effort maintenance and guaranteed 99.95% uptime
  • Easily set flexible load balancing and process priorities across applications to provide reliable services to every end-user
  • Control cloud resources and run scripts with lightweight, self-updating agents for Windows, Linux, AIX, HPUX, macOS, OpenVMS and Solaris
  • Easily move, copy and manage millions of files per month from anywhere to anywhere with included MFT capabilities

Redwood's business and process automation is the crucial component that acts as the glue holding together the entire GEAR solution. We were able to count on Redwood’s expertise, especially in the final weeks of the project.

Thierry Schafflützel, Managing Director, UBS

Cloud-Based IT Automation

Eliminate the hassle of hosting, deploying and maintaining automation platforms so your team can focus on orchestrating processes across on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

  • Coordinate deployment and provisioning applications in hybrid IT environments, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure
  • Automate virtualization including VMware, Xen and Amazon EC2 and containers such as Docker, Kubernetes and Amazon ECS
  • Move applications to Amazon, Azure, Google and other cloud platforms easily without additional licenses or tedious configuration management

Low-Code Workflow Automation And Orchestration

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there alternatives to ActiveBatch?

Yes, Redwood supports direct scheduling, taking adjustments like time zones into account without manual configuration. Processes can be triggered by events in real-time rather than polling. Learn how Redwood’s event-driven approach eliminates new day complications.

Should I migrate to an ActiveBatch alternative?

A solution that performs more automation through agentless APIs and offers updates that upgrade every element simultaneously in minutes is significantly easier to run. See how Redwood’s SaaS delivery allows IT organizations to focus on automation not administration.

Would an ActiveBatch alternative reduce my TCO?

Yes, Redwood’s SaaS architecture eliminates overhead for infrastructure and ongoing maintenance of the enterprise job scheduling software. Redwood also includes all features with unlimited connections to applications, services and servers, without licensing additional plugins. With Redwood’s simple pricing model, you only pay for the jobs you run, gaining enterprise-grade flexibility and scalability to help you grow. Explore why Redwood’s unified cloud platform lowers ownership costs.

See Redwood Workload Automation in Action

With Redwood’s cloud-native automation and orchestration platform, your business can transform to meet the challenges of the hybrid, digital enterprise. Achieve more through automation: more efficiency, more resiliency, more flexibility, more customer loyalty, and more opportunity. Let our team show you why thousands of leading organizations worldwide rely on Redwood to help them excel in the digital age with workload automation.

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