Keep processes running throughout cloud migration

Use SAP’s top-recommended job scheduler RunMyJobs and ensure a smooth migration without worry of your mission-critical processes being disrupted.

SAP’s #1 recommended job scheduler for SAP Cloud

RunMyJobs by Redwood is a full stack workload automation platform built for SAP with a native API connection and seamless integration with S/4HANA Cloud.

  • Most SAP certifications

    As a trusted SAP partner since 2004, RunMyJobs is certified for S/4HANA, RISE with SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, SAP Applications and SAP Industry Cloud for Utilities.

  • Built for hybrid cloud

    Get the only SaaS job scheduler built for hybrid cloud, bringing unmatched performance, security and availability as your scale. Lightweight agents ensure effortless auto-update in the cloud.

  • Clean core out of the box

    With prebuilt connectors for SAP solutions, keeping a clean core is easy with no customization—that’s one less worry during your cloud migration.

Job scheduling for cloud

Due to limited native job scheduling capabilities in SAP, companies look to job schedulers to automate their mission-critical business processes. RunMyJobs helps ensure that as you’re migrating to the cloud your operations continue.

Keeping a clean core

A cloud migration journey is an ideal time to assess, consolidate and standardize your core IT systems. Maintaining a clean core means seamless connection to any SAP cloud environment,  making your tech stack more agile and scalable. RunMyJobs removes the need for any clunky or costly customizations.

Complementary with RISE with SAP

For companies transitioning to S/4HANA through the RISE with SAP program, SAP-certified SaaS-based job scheduler RunMyJobs guarantees a smooth integration and reliable automation.

RunMyJobs is certified for RISE with SAP and is the preferred job scheduling solution for SAP customers due to a native connection.

TEAG chose RunMyJobs SaaS as it is RISE certified, has deep integrations with SAP including SAP BTP and is clearly aligned with the strategic initiatives of the company. By moving to SaaS, Redwood was able to save TEAG money, resources and align with the cloud-first strategy

Easily integrate with enterprise applications

Get instant access to new SAP integrations and features in the RunMyJobs Connector Catalog, ensuring you always have the latest developments.

Along with being a trusted 20+ SAP partner, Redwood has achieved the most SAP certifications



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Frequently Asked Questions about Cloud Migration

What roles does RunMyJobs play in an SAP cloud migration?

RunMyJobs is engineered to be a pivotal part of your SAP cloud migration, ensuring that the transition of SAP systems, such as ECC and S/4HANA, to cloud environments like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud is smooth and efficient. The platform's cloud-native design promotes high availability and seamless operation of your workloads, crucial for maintaining uninterrupted business processes. 
Accredited SAP certifications demonstrate RunMyJobs’ seamless compatibility and reliability, a cornerstone for a successful migration strategy.
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How does RunMyJobs optimize existing SAP landscapes during a cloud migration?

RunMyJobs is your strategic partner for SAP cloud migration, designed to enhance the scalability and high availability of your SAP environment. Our platform ensures that your critical SAP systems, including ECC and S/4HANA, transition seamlessly to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. By offering a cloud-native solution, RunMyJobs not only supports your current infrastructure but also prepares you for future scalability and modernization, ensuring that your business needs are met with agility and efficiency.
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Can RunMyJobs streamline my SAP cloud migration and optimize my current SAP systems for a cloud environment?

Absolutely. RunMyJobs is engineered to enhance SAP cloud migrations, ensuring a harmonious transition of SAP applications, such as ECC and S/4HANA, to cloud solutions offered by AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and other cloud providers. By leveraging a cloud-native approach, get the high availability and performance to keep your critical operations running effortlessly. 
RunMyJobs supports a variety of operating systems and boasts a methodology that aligns with cloud modernization, scalability and cost efficiency goals, backed by SAP certifications for extra peace of mind.
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