Orchestrate end-to-end automation for SAP IBP

Simplify your supply chain management with RunMyJobs by Redwood, integrating your SAP and non-SAP systems into one tool.

SAP’s #1 recommended job scheduler for SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP)

Better manage inventory and re-stock reporting by integrating your SAP IBP solution with RunMyJobs for automated workflows and supply chain forecasting simulations.

  • Continuous monitoring

    Monitor every process from a single pane of glass while receiving real-time status updates.

  • End-to-end orchestration

    Automate mission-critical business processes end-to-end in SAP and non-SAP environments.

  • Trusted SAP partner for 20 years

    RunMyJobs is SAP’s job scheduling partner of choice for over two decades and holds the most SAP certifications.

  • Built for hybrid cloud

    Built as a cloud-native SaaS platform, RunMyJobs offers guaranteed 99.95% uptime, one-click updates and limitless connectivity across any tech stack.

  • Clean core with full stack automation

    With pre-built connectors for SAP IBP, SAP S/4HANA and other SAP solutions, maintaining a clean core is easy—no need for customization.

SAP IBP overview

SAP Integrated Business Planning for supply chain is a cloud-based planning tool that enables organizations to align their supply chain processes with their strategic business goals.

Stay ahead of business disruptions using predictive analytics, what-if simulations and alerts based on real-time data. Optimization technologies facilitate end-to-end supply chain management that you can trust.

SAP IBP integrates supply and demand planning, response and supply optimization, inventory optimization and sales and operations planning (S&OP) into a single platform.

Boost Efficiency and Reduce Costs with SAP IBP and RunMyJobs

Using predictive analytics and optimization algorithms, SAP IBP allows companies to forecast demand more accurately, identify potential supply chain disruptions before they occur, and optimize inventory levels. This results in more efficient resource allocation and reduced costs.

SAP IBP can be integrated with other SAP solutions like SAP S/4HANA Cloud as well as non-SAP systems for seamless data flow and a unified planning process across the entire business ecosystem.

While SAP IBP is a powerful tool, using it with the out-the-box RunMyJobs connector adds significant value by allowing you to easily schedule, execute and manage SAP IBP workloads any time and swiftly respond to fluctuations in the supply chain.

Enhance your supply chain planning

Integrating RunMyJobs with SAP IBP allows businesses to leverage advanced automation and optimized integration with non-SAP systems while ensuring scalability and compliance. This combination brings end-to-end orchestration creates a resilient, efficient and adaptive SCM ecosystem under a single pane of glass.

  • Advanced automation and orchestration

    Automatically run supply chain forecasting simulations as part of an inventory re-stocking report process and schedule to run for a quicker response to changes in the supply chain, avoiding costly mistakes.

    The cloud-native architecture of RunMyJobs allows for scalable and flexible automation solutions that can grow and adapt to the business. Connect to any tech stack across SAP and non-SAP environments on-premises, cloud-based or hybrid solutions.

  • Cross-platform integration

    While SAP IBP offers integration capabilities within the SAP ecosystem, RunMyJobs provides a broader range of out-of-the-box steps and tasks to automate integration with non-SAP systems, cloud-based solutions and legacy systems.

    This is crucial for businesses that operate in a heterogeneous IT environment and need to synchronize their supply chain planning with other business functions such as finance, HR and sales.

  • Centralized job scheduling and monitoring

    RunMyJobs offers a centralized platform for scheduling, monitoring and managing jobs across various systems. This centralization helps businesses achieve greater visibility and control over automated tasks in a single pane of glass.

    SAP IBP may not offer the same level of centralized job management, especially for tasks that extend outside its primary scope.

Integrate with SAP IBP

Automate the running of supply chain forecasting simulations as part of an inventory re-stocking report process. When you use our seamless pre-built connector for automation, simulations can be scheduled to run at any time for faster response times, preventing costly mistakes.

Easily integrate with enterprise applications

Get instant access to new SAP integrations and features in the RunMyJobs Connector Catalog, ensuring you always have the latest developments.

A trusted SAP partner for 20+ years, Redwood has achieved the most SAP certifications for job scheduling



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SAP Monitoring FAQs

What is SAP IBP used for?

SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP), powered by SAP HANA, is a comprehensive planning solution designed to optimize inventory management, enhance forecast accuracy and streamline the entire supply chain. Through modules like demand management, inventory planning and response & supply, SAP IBP integrates demand sensing, machine learning and statistical forecasting to accurately predict future demand using time series data, improving customer service levels.

How does RunMyJobs by Redwood extend the value of SAP IBP?

RunMyJobs by Redwood offers enhanced automation, integration and management capabilities. If you are currently using SAP IBP, the RunMyJobs IBP connector can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness when managing your supply chain. As an example, by leveraging the connector of RunMyJobs with SAP IBP, will allow the ability to automate the running of supply chain forecasting simulations as part of an inventory re-stocking report process. When embedded as part of a RunMyJobs automation simulations can be scheduled to run any time allowing a quicker response to changes in the supply chain, and avoiding costly mistakes.

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