Most Digital Business Transformation Initiatives Fail

Find out why. Learn the secret to success from the 19% who actually achieve it.

Why Automation Is a Top Priority for Cios, Part One

Digital business transformation is all about exploiting digital technologies and the capabilities they bring. The goal is to add to the bottom line while strengthening competitive advantage. This new e-book explains how CIOs are no longer just providing business services. They’re leading innovation with automation.

How Will You Handle the Biggest Challenges for Digital Business?

1. The dramatic IT evolution happening now that’s NOT about hardware or software

2. Where IT spending will be in 2024 and what that means to you

3. What should you look for first? Where do you start?

In a recent survey of global IT decision makers, 81% of respondents reported that a digital transformation project has failed, suffered a significant delay or had to be scaled back.

Why Automation is a Top Priority for CIOs, Part One