Webinar on demand: The 4 R2R automation game-changers for Jabil

Manufacturing services firm saves over 95,000 hours per year

Join us as we share the secret to success in record-to-report transformation. Delve into the power of automation with the dedicated Finance Digital Transformation Team (FDT) at Jabil, the billion-dollar electronics giant. Led by Finance PMO Director Scott Barone, this team has spearheaded a profound shift in finance process automation.

In this exclusive webinar, Scott guides you through Jabil’s journey from labor-intensive manual tasks to seamlessly automated processes. Discover:

  • The challenges the organization faced before automating R2R.
  • How Jabil’s FDT has propelled its R2R processes with next-gen technology.
  • Four ground-breaking benefits Jabil experienced thanks to automation.
  • The results, including saving 10,000 hours on balance sheet certification.


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