The 3 Questions You Must Ask About Your CA Scheduler

Now that chip manufacturer Broadcom has acquired CA Technologies, your scheduling and workload automation tools could be in jeopardy.

Where do you go now?

The Register reports that “Broadcom bought CA for one thing only, the mainframe software division. This generates 55% of the revenue from 35% of the staff, but, more importantly, 90% of the profit.” If you have worries, you’re not alone. Redwood’s RunMyJobs® scheduling and workload automation is your answer.

Our scheduling and workload automation technology allows you to automate IT-related tasks in the full context of a business process. You can handle any workload that people normally tackle with a classic scheduling tool—and more. Get the highest level of control, far beyond those of legacy scheduling tools, combined with complete process visibility. Read this report to see how we can help.

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