Order to Cash

Cut out needless manual processes to reduce cycle times and Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs). Achieve better cash management and free your staff for collection and customer service with Redwood’s cloud-based finance automation.

Automate processing of email, web, phone and fax orders to avoid incorrect billing and reduce manual effort.
Cash Allocation
Automate the allocation process to obtain accurate DSO and bad debt calculations
Streamline and optimize cash collection to provide the correct information and reports.

Increase Your Working Capital

Integrate Redwood’s cloud-based finance automation solution with your ERP systems to improve the accuracy of your back-office processes – no new hardware or IT support staff required. Avoid multiple systems that introduce errors. Minimize redundancies and manual touchpoints to ensure the cash cycle runs smoothly. Remove the barriers and manual effort that hinder your order to cash cycle. Free your staff to add value.

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Faster Cash Collection And Better Customer Service

Free staff from repetitive manual tasks, such as order entry and invoice creation, and allow them to perform more complex tasks and provide better customer service

Execute billing processes
Prepare data for collection
Reconcile bank accounts
Allocate cash accordingly
Calculate potential debt provisions
Generate receivable reporting

Working with Redwood we achieved the billing and debt management consistency that we needed to better service the customer, and ensure a regular cash flow.

Chris Waterfield, Business Systems Manager, Anglian Water

Ready-To-Run With Redwood Finance Automation

Cut unnecessary manual effort, improve business processes and free your staff to unleash more value with Redwood’s finance automation solution. Get started with our ready-to-use process activities. Or build your own custom automated processes tailored to your specific needs.

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