0823 3 Reasons To Get Your Wla In Gear

Before every flight, pilots run through a checklist of their instruments and gear. They ensure everything is aligned, functioning properly, secure and finely tuned. They know the importance of every itinerary and the urgency of arriving safely. Although lives aren’t on the line, in a cloud modernization journey, your enterprise operations are. Your IT team must ensure that your instruments and gear – your workload automations – are equipped and ready to go. Workload automation is a critical factor in the success of your modernization, and optimizing your WLA before you start can empower you to avoid many of the common hurdles.

Having the right WLA solution in place can be the key to protecting the massive investment cloud modernization requires. During the cloud transformation, organizations – specifically IT departments like yours – must maintain operational integrity by keeping their process automation operations live. These automations need to remain in gear before, during and after you move applications to the cloud. It’s tempting to hang on to your old WLA solution rather than upgrade them or implement new solutions. However, current WLA solutions often have unrealized limitations that are only exposed at crucial transition points, leading to ongoing workarounds and extra work. Companies who neglect to consider their automations until they are in the midst of cloud modernization place their journey in peril from the various issues that can arise.

Misaligned WLA solutions can hinder cloud modernization for
three reasons:

  • Visibility: If compatibility is an issue, enterprises risk operational integrity or a lack of full visibility into all automations. You need to ensure that the new WLA solution is compatible with your cloud infrastructure and applications. You also need to evaluate whether the new solution can handle your workloads efficiently and effectively in the cloud environment.
  • Compatibility: Without a fully integrated WLA, you jeopardize your cloud migration journey with broken processes, increased manual intervention and programming and unnecessary blind spots. You need to ensure that the new WLA solution can integrate seamlessly with your existing applications, as well as the cloud services that you are currently using or may use in the future, including cloud storage, databases and other applications.
  • Manual Intervention: Another potential weakness from legacy WLA solutions is the need for manual intervention and workarounds from your IT team. The right WLA solution will have more “autopilot” capabilities like automatic updates, custom programming and less manual maintenance, enabling your team to focus on the path ahead rather than the underlying automation processes.

RunMyJobs by Redwood can kickstart your cloud modernization journey with full stack automation built for SaaS. Deploying RunMyJobs early in your transformation, establishes a flexible and future proof WLA solution that eliminates the uncertainty and disadvantages of your current position.

RunMyJobs ensures complete compatibility with all on premise, cloud, hybrid and containerized applications. It adapts to legacy and future technologies, allowing you to quickly and seamlessly automate any process. RunMyJobs safeguards your continuous operations by minimizing disruption and increasing process uptime. Redwood builds workflows in a testing environment before moving them to production.  

RunMyJobs also requires less manual effort from your IT team. It can scale to millions of transactions daily, with a modern SaaS system designed for performance without human intervention. RunMyJobs leverages pre-built connectors for legacy and cloud systems, an extensive library of templates and wizards and customized workflows, freeing up your human capital to address the next right moves.

Redwood understands the need for a trusty co-pilot. Redwood delivers full support from the onset, with dedicated resources and a proven process to propel you on a smooth migration, keeping all automations up and running. During migration, Redwood offers on-site training, practice and access to on-demand content and after the migration, Redwood offers 24/7 support. Our goal is to ensure your team is confident and competent throughout the transformation and beyond.

Cloud modernization requires a massive investment in both financial resources and IT staff time. Getting from the status quo “Point A” in your infrastructure and applications to the seemingly far off “Point B” involves a daunting journey of decisions, threats and long nights. Starting off with the right WLA solution in gear can be the ticket to arriving safely.