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In October 2023, SAP announced a premium plus package for its RISE offering that introduced a host of new features. Now its suite of cloud solutions, infrastructure and services can deliver more sustainability insights, better equip customers to create a compliant, networked ERP and add new AI capabilities thanks to its AI co-pilot Joule.

But let’s face it, RISE can’t do it all on its own. As SAP itself acknowledges, RISE and the connected S/4HANA (in its cloud, private and public cloud editions) benefit from integrations that meet enterprise demands in seamless ways. No wonder that in the same month, Redwood Software announced that its RunMyJobs SaaS solution has achieved SAP certification as integrated with RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud. 

Here’s why that’s critical: Businesses already have their hands full trying to meet the 2027 deadline when SAP will no longer support SAP Business Suite or SAP ECC. The RISE transition takes years, not days, so it remains paramount to find and implement solutions that work from the word go. It’s one thing to throw the proverbial switch and hope it works – but quite another to enter in knowing that you’ll have your job scheduling under control, with zero-effort maintenance and stellar customer support at the ready.

Otherwise, you’ll hit a pain point that could jeopardize your mission-critical business processes. Among the most common: Not all job schedulers will work with S/4HANA, though many businesses assume that’s the case. The good news is that RunMyJobs by Redwood not only eliminates such a possibility but also produces efficiencies that will keep up with everything RISE and S/4HANA have to offer, now and in the future. 

RISE and security risks

Aside from one of the most perilous risks – that enterprises will drag their feet for as long as possible and make do with legacy on-premise solutions – RISE with SAP poses inevitable security concerns that come with any large-scale migration. How do organizations know third-party solutions are trustworthy and robust enough to avoid security vulnerabilities or data breaches?

To date, hundreds of the world’s leading companies have successfully migrated to RunMyJobs, experiencing a process that minimizes risk on multiple levels. First, it is built with security top of mind. Customers have a singular, dedicated instance of RunMyJobs allocated to them within the cloud – providing isolation, protection and control.

What’s more, connections between RunMyJobs and your existing infrastructure are TLS 1.3 encrypted, with all communication with your infrastructure initiated by the software agents in your environment. 

This means there’s no need to open firewall ports that expose your network to risk. And thanks to RunMyJobs’ SaaS model, output information and data from your processes stays within your network.

No more lost time 

Your ERP (enterprise resource planning) software is the backbone of your business, and the automation you choose will impact critical finance, accounting and business activities. Yet stories abound of migrations that turn into nightmares. Delays of any kind can jeopardize profitability and efficiency.

RunMyJobs follows an opposite narrative that not only makes turns the process into a harmonious flow, but also positions enterprises for smooth sailing ahead.  At the start of migration, RunMyJobs ensures a smooth transition of workload automation from ECC to S/4HANA; moving forward, it stays ahead of business process issues with proactive monitoring and alerting.

Consider the case of Osaka-based Daikin, the world’s largest air conditioner manufacturer. With RunMyJobs in place, the company has not only improved its partner-facing processes, but also reduced background processing time by 45%.

Putting the ultimate risk to rest

Technology moves at breakneck speed these days, with new service providers popping up all the time. But no matter the solutions they may tout, there’s no getting around this question: How much experience do you have within the SAP ecosystem, and how deep does it go? Here, RunMyJobs is the runaway winner. 

The program has roots no other SAP partner can match, as RunMyJobs was SAP’s first solution extension partner for automation in 2005 – dating to two years before the first iPhone hit the market. And its history of successful migrations dates back even further: 30 years, in fact. 

The changes brought on by RISE with SAP S/4HANA, with its stress on cloud-based technology, understandably have many companies concerned. Migration not only comes with risks, but often a fair degree on anxiety. Change isn’t easy.  

Or is it? RunMyJobs has proven time and again that it takes unnecessary friction out of the migration process, and has grown and changed with SAP over three decades. Its tools are time-tested with disruptions kept to a minimum: RunMyJobs runs parallel with your legacy product during multiphase RISE migrations.

And once in place, you can look forward to incredible reliability: guaranteed 99.95% uptime, one-click updates and a continuing investment in the SAP ecosystem. All it told, RunMyJobs removes one more risk further down the road: It’s future-proof. All things cloud lie at the heart of the SAP universe – and yet the cloud is bound to change, as RISE with SAP will change with it. RunMyJobs, building on its sterling past, will keep pace and then some well into the future.