On-Premise Workflow Automation Software

Automate and orchestrate your business processes in real time across your on-premises environment.

Modern automation to streamline your IT operations

  • Automate across on-prem, cloud-based and hybrid environments

    Need to integrate with systems that can’t be exposed to the internet or that are required to remain on prem? RunMyJobs’ customizable solution flexes with your business rules and policies.

  • Create processes and complex workflows easily

    Build reusable automation with low-code wizards and templates. Our no-code, drag-and-drop interface enables workflows that meet your business process management (BPM) requirements.

  • Deliver real-time results and reduce manual intervention

    Run workflow processes with event triggers — all without complex scheduling. Prevent or automatically resolve errors in process automation with intelligent conditional logic.

Centralized workflow management

  • Securely automate repetitive tasks and processes across your on-premises environment
  • Centralize automation orchestration for your ERP and CRM systems
  • Easily automate services including Salesforce, Amazon Lambda, Apache Airflow, Microsoft Azure, and more.
  • Incorporate REST or SOAP web services with simple API wizards
  • Create fully auditable processes and logical process chains
  • Schedule automation according to calendar, data, and event-based variables
  • Automate workflows for IT and business operations

Orchestrate your enterprise with SaaS workflow management software

RunMyJobs’ software-as-a-service (SaaS) automation helps you save on infrastructure costs and effort while automating your enterprise processes.

  • Automate any application with a pre-built connector or API endpoint with no additional licensing
  • Deploy security patches and new features with automatic updates that complete in minutes
  • Add as many servers and apps as you need, no restrictions or extra cost

Protect your sensitive data and processes with full encryption in an environment that meets ISO 27001, SOC 2 and CSA STAR Level 1 compliance standards

Automation that grows with your use cases

RunMyJobs is designed to grow and flex as your DevOps team encounters new technologies and regulatory requirements.

  • Standardize agile processes teams can deploy consistently across the enterprise
  • Receive rapid feedback at every stage of the DevOps pipeline to reduce the time from development to production
  • Keep teams agile and decrease manual intervention with automatic notifications and escalations
  • Empower non-IT and business users to leverage process automation with intuitive self-service options

Frequently Asked Questions About On-Premise Workflow Automation Software

What can on-premise workflow automation software automate?

RunMyJobs’ automation tool can automate and orchestrate workflows and processes organization-wide, including streamlining document management with file transfers, integrating with ERP, business tools, and any open-source components, and even helping employee onboarding using relevant connectors. Discover what Redwood can help you automate.

Does RunMyJobs support on-premise workflow automation?

Yes. RunMyJobs’ workflow management system supports automation across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-based environments. RunMyJobs helps automate workflows, reduces the need for manual kickoffs, and frees up IT resources to focus on strategic projects. Businesses can use the RunMyJobs workflow management tool for multiple business applications to optimize their workflows across their on-prem environment. See how Redwood helps businesses achieve enterprise-wide process automation.

How can RunMyJobs’ automation platform help my small business?

Redwood’s automation management solution can help your company (regardless of size) in several ways:

  1. Improve efficiency and accuracy by automating repetitive tasks and decreasing errors
  2. Increase productivity by automating task management and completing workflows faster without lag time caused by time/date scheduled batch jobs
  3. Reduce labor costs by automating repetitive tasks and allowing your team members to focus on more complex tasks
  4. Enhance customer experience with proactive error identification and resolution to ensure customer SLAs are met and issues are remediated before they affect the business
  5. Streamline data management with automated analytics and reporting for real-time insights and improved decision-making

Explore what Redwood can do for your business.

Can RunMyJobs’ on-premise workflow automation software help my digital transformation?

Yes. As infrastructure and tooling complexity grows, teams need to scale digital-first services. To stay ahead of consumer expectations, organizations must rapidly implement new tools and technologies, however integration challenges often hamper these efforts. RunMyJobs’ automation tool connects your services and infrastructure in a single orchestration tool. This helps IT teams excel at creating efficient processes across your environment and infrastructure without having to consult multiple dashboards. Learn more about how Redwood enables digital transformation.