Global retailer gains access to business data required to manage global operations

Increased productivity

and reduced costs

Easy, secure access

to critical data and reports

Rapid, seamless integration

and implementation


GUESS, established in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, offers a full range of denim, apparel and accessories at Guess stores and better department and specialty retailers in over 100 countries.


Guess knew employees worldwide needed secure access to the critical company reports required to effectively manage global operations and ensure current and future success.

C-suite executives, finance and accounting teams, and store managers regularly had to retrieve massive amounts of data and review a significant number of vital documents. Although they needed quick, easy access, it was incredibly time- and labor-intensive to search, store and distribute the company’s most crucial data slowing business critical decisions.

Because the data Guess relied on was stored in multiple systems, including MicroStrategy, Oracle® PeopleSoft and Oracle Financials, the inherent inefficiencies were magnified. For example, it took 46 hours every single month just to process the company’s timesheets.

All data and documents were archived on the company’s Intranet, which proved unwieldy. The manual searches were onerous, and employees had to print huge reports, although they only needed a few pages from each report—a waste of multiple resources. Because the data and reports were distributed manually, delays were inevitable.

Guess recognized the company needed a solution but had legitimate concerns about the effect the integration and implementation might have on access to dataand reports and the subsequent impact on daily operations.


Guess selected Redwood Reporting, a secure, web-based report processing, management, and storage solution, to facilitate and expedite the company’s ability to search, store and distribute the data and reports its employees depend on to run the company.

Redwood easily addressed the company’s concerns about integration. A quick implementation of the solution kept business operations running non-stop, an important success factor when selecting Redwood Reporting.

“It was a smooth transition from an antiquated report delivery process to Redwood Reporting,” said Michael Relich, COO, Guess.


Redwood Reporting allowed Guess employees, including its C-suite executives, finance and accounting teams, and store managers across the U.S., Europe and Asia, to view data from a global perspective or drill down for a highly localized view of financials, production, sales distribution and payroll.

“Redwood Reporting aligns with our overall strategy of providing users with a one-stop shop to access reports and information from disparate systems,” said Relich.


Redwood Reporting securely ingests, formats, manages, and archives information from different systems and locations, including MicroStrategy, Oracle® PeopleSoft and Oracle Financials. As a result, it’s easy for employees to find and then review the most relevant data in one place. The system’s tracking and authorization capabilities also support compliance requirements.

“With Redwood Reporting, it is easy to manage file distribution and to apply security on confidential documents,” said Bruce Yen, VP of Retail Applications, Guess.

Reports are automatically and electronically delivered to authorized employees which ensures on-time receipt as well as confidentiality.

“Redwood Reporting helped us deliver reports companywide,” said Relich.

Employees’ ability to analyze and interpret the data and reports is enhanced by the fact they can select and view the most relevant data and sections in their preferred formats.

“We’re making better use of employees and their abilities,” said Yen. “Employees are spending a lot less time running and mailing reports.”

Redwood Reporting now runs a single payroll report and the Redwood Reporting Burster feature makes the appropriate separations, for example, by region or store. Redwood Reporting Router then distributes the error-free digital reports based on select criteria. It takes Burster and Router just minutes to accomplish a task that consumed 46 hours when employees pulled, printed and mailed its retail store timesheets one by one.

“We’re saving on time as well as the paper it took to print the reports, storage costs, postage, and printer-related expenses,” said Yen.

Guess employees now have the ability to quickly and easily access the specific information they need to proactively address the changing needs of the business.

“Every day, Guess gains greater returns with Redwood Reporting,” said Yen.