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As your organization advances through digital transformation, it’s only natural that you want the applications that will drive the changes and improvements to be a good fit with your organization and be the best at what they do.

And, as these best-of-breed apps will be crucial to your business operations, they need to be integrated into your process automation capabilities.

That can be easier said than done, however. Many automation solutions may not support applications outside a narrow ecosystem without customization, if the applications are supported at all. And even when there aren’t technical barriers, there may be commercial barriers, like needing additional licenses to connect with these applications.

In contrast, a modern SaaS-based workload automation solution like Redwood’s RunMyJobs® enable you to easily introduce best-of-breed applications into your processes.

RunMyJobs has an application-agnostic design that features native support for on-prem applications, web services, APIs and more — with no additional licensing or limits on connectors to other applications.

This means you aren’t limited in the systems and applications you can use. With RunMyJobs, you can use the applications that best suit your business needs and go beyond your ERP or other ecosystem.

Automation for any application

Using APIs, RunMyJobs is able to automate and unify tasks easily between legacy and more modern technologies – across any application, connectivity type, platform, middleware or system management interface.

With support for HTTP/REST and SOAP, RunMyJobs also allows you to seamlessly orchestrate business processes and web services from a single platform. Using the Web Service wizard you can also import a WSDL file to choose operations and parameters to create a process without coding.

So which best-of-breed apps will you bring to your business processes? Will you modernize your data and BI analytics? Will you apply machine learning or integrate optical character recognition?

Whatever application you choose, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to pursue the best solutions to drive your business forward.

Find out more about how RunMyJobs supports best-of-breed applications here.

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