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With the proliferation of apps and increased complexity of IT infrastructure, an ideal IT solution has become a moving target. What might work for your infrastructure today may be quite different from what you need a few months or years down the road. As the IT landscape evolves to include even more disparate systems, IT teams face a myriad of choices on what apps to add and how to automate processes throughout existing infrastructure. This IT entropy can threaten mission-critical business processes and slow down productivity, as IT teams spend more time managing, connecting and searching for data within these various systems.

RunMyJobs by Redwood can corral this menagerie of technologies with full stack automation that connects to any IT infrastructure you have today and any you evolve to in the future. With RunMyJobs, IT teams can connect applications and control processes seamlessly within their current and any future IT landscape, giving them the ability to quickly address the issues created by increasing IT complexity. With the streamlining of full stack automation, IT staff recover lost time, freeing up hours they would have spent moderating apps and merging data. This gain in productivity elevates IT to a more strategic and efficient part of an organization, a key goal for enterprise leaders.

The effects of IT infrastructure customization and complexity are clear: lack of system-wide visibility, data fragmentation, and wasted employee resources as IT staff monitor, manage, sort and search for data. Understanding those effects makes the need for a flexible and future-proof automation software even more urgent.

The average large business uses 367 software applications and systems to get work done, according to a Forrester Consulting study with more than 1,000 IT staff. This application bloat yields a fragmentation of data and storage systems in which the various parts do not equal the whole. If IT systems don’t have the automations and flexible connectivity, data gets siloed. Apps can’t talk to each other. IT teams spend nearly one-third of their work week, or 2.4 hours a day, trying to find the data and information required to do their jobs effectively. Forrester’s study reveals companies can face a 24% drop in productivity if they have inefficient processes to handle their increasing number of apps and data sources.

This lost productivity couldn’t come at a worse time. In our current economy, enterprise leaders are prioritizing efficiency and reviewing their technology spending. Disconnected IT infrastructure that hinders productivity also impacts enterprise revenue and reduces the time and space required for innovation. Harried IT staff enduring data wild-goose chases do not have leftover bandwidth to focus on improved processes or better infrastructure design. Ultimately, they get stuck in a cycle of identifying needs and adding apps to address those needs, then never reaching the level of connectedness or efficiency promised. Fragmentation, frustration and futility rule the day.

In this environment of constant change and uncertainty, it can be difficult to keep business critical automations running. IT teams can feel boxed in or unprepared to execute even the basics, especially with an array of legacy systems and modern solutions, both on-premise and in the cloud, compromising their ability to serve the organization more effectively and preventing them from achieving the efficiencies and innovation enterprises desire. 

As you seek to increase productivity and efficiency, RunMyJobs, our full stack advanced automation platform, can help there too. You can compose automations to speed up automation creation, requiring less effort from your IT team. RunMyJobs empowers your team to more easily build automation with a low-code, drag-and-drop visual process editor and an extensive library of templates and wizards. 367 apps? No problem. Leverage customized workflows. Set up resilient and autonomous parallel and dependent processes that minimize manual interventions. Access any new integrations immediately, without having to wait for a scheduled feature release or a restart.

RunMyJobs also eliminates the time spent searching for data from your patchwork of sources. With end-to-end control and visibility into every business process utilizing real-time monitoring and predictive SLA notification and management, RunMyJobs simplifies where you need to look. You can monitor every process from a single pane of glass. Your team gains time, insight and confidence, releasing you to improve processes or innovate.