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I’ve talked in previous blogs about some of the limitations and barriers of legacy workload automation and job scheduling – how these outdated tools are not only inefficient, unreliable and costly but also how they shackle innovation and investment in digital transformation efforts.

One of the major costs of using a mixed bag of legacy tools to support fragmented automation is that you pay dearly in license fees that continually increase but bear no relationship to KPIs or business outcomes.

The legacy licensing ransom

It can feel like being held for ransom – even if that isn’t the explicit intention of these legacy vendors. But that’s the perception. It can just seem too risky, difficult and costly to migrate and switch. So, you are left to pay up, with the license fees jacked up at every renewal. I know of one organization that reduced the number of its servers but was then charged for an agent every time it stood up a temporary server.

That’s typical of the “heads you win, tails I lose” situation that’s been created by these legacy workload automation license models, which result in you spending more than you intend to while still leaving you with outdated technology.

Ultimately, these legacy vendors are not motivated to increase transparency or visibility of their licensing when it’s easier to create an illusion that you are trapped with nowhere else to go. They rely on the fact you can’t afford to pay the outrageous upfront license fees from another vendor to flip across to the other.

How to escape the endless legacy license increase cycle

There is an alternative, however – Redwood’s RunMyJobs®. With true workload automation delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you can free your organization from the shackles and cost of legacy licensing models. This allows a practical and commercial utilization that really works. You don’t have to take all of the risk and tie up all of your investment all at once.

With Redwood’s RunMyJobs, everything is included in the box – the steering wheel comes with the car. You don’t need custom licensing to connect to your ERP system. You don’t need a long list of add-ons you need to make everything work properly. You only pay for what you use because it’s priced as a utility. This makes it much easier to expand and scale than just about any other scheduling tool out there—including legacy tools. It also delivers the highest ROI.

In fact, independent experts recognized these benefits as well. Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™) recently named Redwood as Value Leader and RunMyJobs as the best workload automation SaaS Solution in its EMA RADAR™ for Workload Automation report.

In addition, the consumption-based pricing was seen as allowing customers “to transition by following a systematic, cost-effective, planned and phased migration process.”

Our flexible, pay-for-what-you-use, fully managed workload automation solution gives you the fastest way to implement digital transformation across your entire enterprise and end the cycle of increasing license fees. And we continue to innovate and invest in the infrastructure, performance and new features for you.

RunMyJobs® is the world’s only enterprise workload automation as-a-service solution. Read the EMA RADAR™ for Workload Automation to find out more about why RunMyJobs by Redwood is the only solution to use.

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