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Clocks can keep your business ticking along in precision as it should, right?

It sounds logical, but when it comes to automating business processes in your organization, the clock has significant limitations.

Scheduling processes to run at certain times of the day creates a fragile, brittle system that can easily go wrong and disrupt your entire organization.

In IT operations, you must guess when a process should begin, and how long it will take, in order to schedule the next one. If you’re wrong and a process ends before you expected it to, you’re left with a gap of wasted time. If it takes longer, it can delay the next process – or worse, proceed – causing chaos and damaging your business operations.

Just imagine the impact of a billing process that uses the wrong data, or of a necessary step in your supply chain being delayed and goods landing in your warehouse later than needed – or not at all.

Scheduling to the clock is too rigid and too limiting to suit the changing needs of today’s businesses, which must be able to add new processes or adapt existing ones based on events happening in real time.

Beat the clock

There’s a better way. Redwood’s RunMyJobs® allows you to overcome the tyranny of time and instead start thinking of business processes as events you can automate based on real-time data or events.

This means processes will run at exactly the right time – not too soon, not too late, and with none of the negative outcomes those scenarios entail. RunMyJobs makes sure processes start and end as needed in response to real events, rather than an arbitrary time set two weeks or two years ago.

Proper business automation also means processes can be coordinated in logical sequences that can be adapted as needed, without disrupting the entire schedule.

And because business processes won’t run at the wrong time or with incomplete data, you can trust your billing will be accurate and your supply chain will be efficient.

The way to creating a resilient and slick business is by automating events based on real-time data – not by watching a ticking clock.

Find out how RunMyJobs can end your automation pain and improve your business processes.

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Darrell Maronde

Darrell Maronde is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Redwood’s workload automation solutions. He has more than 15 years of product marketing experience with on-prem and SaaS software, including solutions for IT and operations.