Meter-to-cash Automation

Meter-to-Cash Solution Sheet

Meter-to-Cash Solution Sheet

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Fast, Accurate Customer Service and Cash Flow

Your meter-to-cash process is your revenue engine. It has to work quickly and accurately to avoid costly service interruptions or dunning errors. You use SAP® IS-U and SAP CRM to support accurate billing, service management, sales and distribution, but you also depend on other solutions outside of SAP. Coordinating these processes can be a challenge—both within and around your SAP solutions.

Redwood's complete automation solution eliminates any unnecessary manual steps and latency across your entire meter-to-cash landscape to ensure consistency and speed. It brings all of your technologies together.


Meter Data Management


Process meter reads quickly uniformly and accurately to speed revenue recognition.


Flexible, event-driven processes.

Revenue Recognition


Process payments quickly and accurately keeping cash flow strong and constant.


Manage payment posting as an event-driven process.

Billing & Invoicing


Match complex, high-volume rate and customer information to produce accurate and timely bills.


Business-rule driven processes with automated checks and balances.



Improve the accuracy, consistency of your collection process.


Automation improves accuracy and process management at every stage.

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Benefits of Meter-To-Cash Automation

  • Accurately process meter readings for faster revenue.
  • Cut the time to process highly complex meter-to-cash activities.
  • 75% reduction in process run times.
  • 60% reduction in manual data accuracy checking.
  • Increase billing and invoicing frequency.
  • Reduce the cost of inaccurate shut-offs.
  • Minimize fines and manual compliance checks.
  • Increase transparency and control.

Customer Success

TXU Energy now accurately and uniformly processes $40 million in billable meter data per day as soon as it arrives, significantly shortening and improving the accuracy of its invoicing cycle.

FortisBC uses SAP® Business Process Automation by Redwood to automate key meter-to-cash processes to send out 50,000 bills every day. The company realized and exceeded its goals—to make the customer experience exponentially faster, better and more cost-effective.

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