Report2Web Solution Sheet

Report2Web Solution Sheet

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Efficiently Deliver the Right Information to the Right People

With Report2Web you can save 80% on document production and distribution costs. You can also quickly and intuitively gather report data from virtually any report and present it the way you want it—without the need to change your existing systems.

Report2Web is a web-based content and report management application that captures, stores and converts your disparate documents into a common format. Your documents are then quickly organized, indexed and automatically made available across your corporate intranet through web services.  

The solution automates security, distribution, email notification, advanced search functionality, and document workflow. Distributing the right reports to the right people has never been easier.

One solution for all your report and distribution needs.

The Report2Web Bundler

Create personalized report bundles to suit individual end-user requirements.

The Report2Web Burster

Analyze and extract portions of application-generated output to create new reports.

The Report2Web Router

Control routing and distribution of output files created by any application.

More Report2Web Services

"Report2Web helps GUESS? deliver reports company-wide while reducing the costs associated with our old methods of delivery." — Michael Relich, EVP, CIO & Strategy of GUESS?

"We feel safer with Report2Web. We know that patient care will not be compromised in the event of a network outage." — Angie Mathieu, Manager of Business Applications, The William W. Backus Hospital

"Report2Web provides enormous cost savings while concurrently improving information access." — Sam Miller, CIO, University Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona

"The return on our investment in Report2Web has been less than 12 months. In saved staffing costs alone, Report2Web has more than paid for itself." — Chris Metcalfe, Head of Technical Solutions, Imperial College

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