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Intelligent IT Automation

When you spend most of your time just keeping the lights on, you know something is wrong. But analysts agree that IT teams spend most of their time and money just maintaining what they already have. Why?

Cash flow, analytics, payroll—everything depends on fast, available IT. Core business processes can require hundreds of applications to give the business what it needs. It’s up to you to make sure that they all run in an efficient, coordinated way. If you’re still using manual oversight and sheer human effort to get the job done, it’s time for a change.

Redwood gives you the power to automate across your entire enterprise—regardless of physical location, technology or business silo. Automatically manage service desk tickets, application releases, and server provisioning. Notify stakeholders when processes are complete and setup automated error-handling so critical processes keep moving. Manage by exception—not by hand.

Redwood gives you:

  • Consolidation


    Replace old, fragmented legacy schedulers and eliminate manual tasks.

  • Coordination


    Connect all processes across your entire enterprise from a single interface.

  • Control


    Manage by exception and get a predictive level of control for 100% SLA delivery.

SAP® System Copy Automation

System copy automation with Redwood saves companies 90% in time and overhead costs. It automatically monitors resource use through the platform’s intelligent queue management. Use it to manage each step of the process, including initialization, pre-processing, core database copy, post-processing and finalization. It eliminates errors and provides reliable data transfer without the manual effort. Read more >

Customer Success

With automation, Toyota continually updates its 10-terabyte enterprise data warehouse maintaining a high level of customer service.

The global imaging leader with a network of 85,647 employees in 115 companies around the world saves 10.5 working days every quarter with Redwood.

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