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SAP® Business Process Automation (BPA) by Redwood

Control and orchestrate business processes across your SAP landscape and beyond

SAP® BPA is Redwood’s automation platform, sold, supported and validated by SAP. It allows you to coordinate process automation across your SAP landscape and beyond – helping you eliminate slow, manually dependent and error prone processes that limit your business.


Increase visibility across all processes – no matter where they begin or end.


Integrate and standardize to deliver processes of consistent quality.


Achieve full compliance, auditability and governance across processes.


Control processes in a manner not experienced before.
It’s critical for stakeholders to trust that we will consistently meet our commitments. With Redwood we have not missed a single billing deadline. This is a phenomenal record.
Frans Luit, Manager Enterprise Applications, Fortis BC


Make your cash flow more fluid

Your meter-to-cash process is your revenue engine. It must work quickly and accurately to avoid costly service interruptions or dunning errors. You use SAP® IS-U and SAP CRM to support accurate billing, service management, sales and distribution, but you also depend on other solutions outside of SAP. Coordinating these processes can be a challenge – within and around your SAP solutions. SAP BPA eliminates any unnecessary manual steps and latency across your entire meter-to-cash landscape to ensure consistency and speed. It brings all of your technologies together.

Accurately process meter readings for faster revenue
Cut time to process complex meter-to-cash activities
Reduce process run times by 75%
Reduce manual data accuracy checking by 60%
Increase billing and invoicing frequency
Reduce the cost of inaccurate shut-offs
Minimize fines and manual compliance checks
Increase transparency and control


Cut process time and speed accurate data distribution

HANA speeds up your business activities. But it only functions as quickly as the slowest processes that feed into and out of it. If the steps that send information into HANA are slow, you suffer from manual latency. If the steps that distribute information flowing out of HANA are slow, you can't deliver your results on time. To make the most of HANA, you need to optimize processes across your enterprise. So you have to consolidate process steps and remove manual latency wherever possible. With faster, more consistent processes, you ensure that quality data not only reaches HANA quicker, but the resulting data is rapidly processed on to its next step.

Achieve faster processes for top HANA performance in coordination with existing infrastructure.
Deliver smart decision support and analytics that are driven by the most current data.
Integrate and accelerate control for all your critical applications and business processes.
Adapt to changes that feed into or result from HANA activities, which provides the flexibility your business needs.
To make the most of SAP FOR HANA, you need to get fit across your enterprise.

Business Intelligence

The right information, right now

If you use SAP® NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BOBI) you know how these solutions can provide strategic Business Intelligence (BI). You also know how challenging it can be to get the detail information you need from mountains of data and dedicate enough analysis time. To make the most of your SAP investments in BI – and improve their results by connecting them with any other BI solutions you may have – you need SAP BPA. Instead of wasting time, resources and money manually patching your complex BI landscape together, you can transform it into real-time decision support.

Automate entire BI workflows including BI-driven rules-based decisions and actions.
Eliminate manual errors and engineer monitored workflows for accuracy.
Enforce business rules and compliance across business critical applications.
Use role-based interfaces to connect people and coordinate all application environments.

With a single solution, you automatically bring data into your SAP BI landscape, execute steps across your entire toolset, and deliver useful information to the business. You can automate responses, notifications or decisions based on your own predefined rules.

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