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We robotize your processes

Redwood Robotics™ releases humans from mundane, repetitive rules-based work in the back office. We help you to achieve up to 100% automation across entire processes in finance, supply chain, HR, IT operations and other areas of the business.  If those automation levels sound too good be true, we’d be happy to introduce you to customers who have already achieved them.

Our robots interact directly and seamlessly with your business applications -  SAP®, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Salesforce and web applications, as well as tools such as Excel, mail, PDFs and more. We also deliver the much-needed process orchestration and robotic interactions crucial for any serious robotic process project.

Uniquely, our robots come armed with a comprehensive and growing library of robotic parts and pre-built processes, eliminating the burden of development and maintenance and dramatically shortening your time to value.  For the last 25 years, our process experts have been intrinsically analyzing and cataloging the knowledge of thousands of transactions within ERP and countless other applications into our robots, so you don't have to.

No matter how big your project, you can start off small while being safe in the knowledge that we are inherently built for scale and 100% reliable. You won't need to maintain expensive Centres of Excellence too, which means no laborious user interface scripting and no overloaded development teams.

Talk to Redwood today and let us show you how to really maximize the benefit of process robotics in your organization.

100% Automation Business Processes

Rather than robotize just activities and tasks, we automate larger and more complex Level 2 business processes such as R2R, O2C, P2P, Supply Chain, HR, IT and more.

Delivered in Days

Once we’ve got you up and running, we’ll show you a quick and easy pathway to get new robotic processes into full scale production in just a matter of days.

Business Solution

Development teams aren’t needed to build robots, handle exceptions, error messages or desktop wait states. Users also change business parameters without development.

Best Practice

Robots are pre-programmed with business process knowledge, they perform all manual tasks, execute controls, complete documentation and maintain a full audit trail.


Eliminate repetitive manual tasks, increase control and reduce risk

Why allow slow manual tasks to plague your financial operations, when you can remove the human latency and inherent inaccuracies through robotization? With RoboFinance®, robots are deployed across your finance and accounting landscape to drive the consistency and quality you need. Our robots can also work across Order to Cash, Procure to Pay and Record to Report. Plus, the robots are programed with accounting process “know-how” that makes them smart enough to perform all the required manual tasks, execute controls, complete documentation, as well as maintain and evidence the audit trail.


Now you can really deliver

Most companies have already invested in automation in the warehousing, packaging and production processes. Now many are taking the next step and investing in automation of processes through robotics.

RoboSupplyChain™ orchestrates across all the parts of your supply chain to help processes work intelligently and seamlessly and reduce the cost of doing business, improve customer service and streamline the end-to-end sourcing and buying cycles. 

Reduce the third party/remedial time and effort required to hold your supply chain together and meet the requirements of your digital agenda with RoboSupplyChain.


Complexity made simple

There are several reasons to make a copy of your critical production systems. Performing and testing upgrades, verifying new customization, refreshing test environments and replication for disaster recovery. Executing those tasks manually can have negative repercussions. For a system copy to be effective it must be fast, reliable and secure and must provide true end-to-end automation. RoboSystemCopy™ ensures reliability and accuracy, but also, accelerates the implementation of copied environments. With RoboSystemCopy you improve the system copy process, significantly reduce management errors and inconsistencies, ensure smooth data transfer and eliminate service calls for out of space conditions.

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If you wish to speak to a representative about Redwood, please feel free to call us at your nearest Redwood office location »