Infrastructure-Led Innovation Starts With Automation.

The spotlight is on the CIO. How can IT leadership make the strategic move to disruptive leadership?

Why Automation Is a Top Priority for Cios, Part Two

“Automation for agility” is how one industry analyst describes it. Part One explains how digital business transformation projects fail. The challenges are simple to understand but can appear to be impossible to solve. In Part Two find out exactly how IT leaders can bridge gaps across people, processes and technology—all with reduced complexity and much less manual work.

Learn How Top It Leaders Stop Serving as It Managers and Start to Deliver Cutting Edge Innovation.

1. What should you look for first? Where do you start?

2. What’s the best kind of automation technology to use for the most robust results?

3. How are rapid market changes driving the need to act now?

A majority of organizations view automation as a strategy, with 87% of having a centralized automation strategy and 26% coordinating that strategy through an Automation Center of Excellence (COE).

“The Shifting Role of Workload Automation” by Dan Twing, COO of Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™)