The Foundation For Accelerated Digital Transformation

Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™) Analyst and COO, Dan Twing explains how modern workload automation is the key.
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Analysts agree that automation is critical to modern information technology (IT) operations. Workload automation (WLA) software is essential to daily processing of core business activities. Radical changes to IT infrastructure and operations (I&O), including cloud computing and increased emphasis on digital transformation, have increased the risk of these kinds of status quo operations.

In our current environment of constant change, digital transformation efforts have now accelerated. Read how Dan Twing, COO of EMA advises organizations to be successful as they build digital business. Discover how top organizations break through silos of technology, lines of business, and multiple locations using modern, highly capable workload automation delivered through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). 




  1. Managed file transfers
  2. ETL and data management
  3. Complex business processes that span ERP and business applications in the hybrid enterprise

The Only Automation Solution Built to be SaaS

See how Redwood’s RunMyJobs® workload automation solution provides a unique functional architecture that’s designed to be delivered as a service. It supports transformational speed, accuracy, flexibility, and security with a light footprint, and no need for additional hardware. Its unprecedented approach is the fastest way to implement automated, repeatable business logic on any scale.

Learn where you should begin and how you can work smarter—not harder. This is a must-read for all infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals.