Free your staff from labor-intensive tasks. Improve speed and accuracy. Connect the right applications.

Ease payment pain

Money in. Money out. Payments are vital to every business.

But while ERP implementations, such as SAP® or Oracle®, are fundamental investments, they can be labor-intensive. An automated procure-to-pay process is more accurate, entirely secure, fully transparent and much faster. Redwood Robotics™ solutions deliver that automated process, headache-free, connecting directly to any existing applications and removing unnecessary steps along the way.


The journey of a payment, from invoice until it is paid, has many touchpoints. Your staff work hard to keep things moving. Help them do more, reduce errors and move faster. Free them for higher-value tasks. Robotics improves the process and gives a better employee experience. Download our Procure-To-Pay solutions sheet to find out more

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In addition to ERP systems, there are countless add-on applications complicating the procure-to-pay process further. Redwood's solution isn’t another plug-in or enabler. We robotize the entire process from end-to-end reducing complexity and working with any existing applications, resulting in a simpler, consolidated procure-to-pay.

Work seamlessly with your existing applications such as: 

OCR and invoice processing applications - supplier statement reconciliation - supplier portals - bank reconciliation - GRIR reconciliation - additional report management applications - and more.

simplifying processes pays off

Redwood Robotics solutions simplify procure-to-pay by:
Intelligently manage incoming invoices
Reconcile Supplier and bank positions
Prepare payment proposals
Calculate necessary accruals and postings
Provide payable reporting

Stay a step ahead

The Redwood Robotics platform can dramatically reduce the time and effort required to run your day-to-day payables function. It's now time to release your people to manage your vendors and improve productivity and overall cost.

We make it easy to get started. Our pay-as-you-go model means you only pay for what you need. We’d be happy to talk about how we can help your business.

Redwood. Robotics that work.

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ready-to-run with robotics

Redwood Robotics solutions improve business processes across the organization. Ready-to-use process activities make it easy to get started, but you can also build your own custom automated processes tailored to your specific needs. Eliminate unnecessary manual processes. Free staff to unleash more business value. Download the Robotics solution sheet to discover the power of our solutions.

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