Redwood SAP Solution Manager Job Scheduler Integration

Extend the native capabilities of SAP Solution Manager job scheduler with RunMyJobs’ comprehensive functionality and seamless integrations.

The Power of Redwood in SAP Solution Manager

Get the more powerful automation capabilities of Redwood without a massive migration or change management headache. Redwood’s job scheduling automation platform enables event-based scheduling across SAP and non-SAP jobs and applications.

OptimizeSAP SystemJob Scheduling with Redwood

  • Impressive scalability: SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) faces limited scalability, especially in high-volume jobs. Redwood’s high availability and load balancing capabilities mean you never face scalability or throughput issues
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Work across SAP platforms like SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Central Process Scheduling, and support tech stacks based on Java, IBM, and ABAP. Redwood’s automation solution and flexible API work across dozens of popular business applications so your entire job scheduling and automation environment can work through a single tool
  • Single point of control: Centralized dashboard for enterprise-wide process automation and scheduling tools includes real-time monitoring and alerts so teams can manage job scheduling and error handling in a single place
  • Extensive scheduling capabilities: SolMan does not cover specialized requirements and some job scenarios. Redwood supports even complex requirements, including event-driven orchestration, background jobs like file transfers, and dependencies no matter how complex
  • Friendly to all environments: Redwood works across all IT ecosystems, whether on-premise, cloud, or hybrid cloud
  • Easier audits: With comprehensive job documentation, job definitions, and more, Redwood produces detailed audit trails that will make auditing easier than it’s ever been

Redwood makes job scheduling management easier and more accessible than any other platform.

  • Pre-Built SAP Integrations

    Launch any automation project and coordinate process chains quickly with RunMyJobs’ ready-to-use library of prebuilt integrations and connectors for SAP applications like SAP 4HANA, SAP IBP, and more.

  • Enterprise-Wide End-to-End Control

    Easily manage your job scheduling lifecycle management across any IT environment, data source, and internal application.

  • A Trusted SAP Job Scheduling Partner

    Redwood was SAP’s first Solution Extension partner for automation in 2005. A current SAP PartnerEdge Build Partner, RunMyJobs collaborates with SAP on new advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of jobs can be scheduled with SAP Solution Manager Job Scheduler?

The SAP Solution Manager (sometimes also called Solution Manager Scheduling Enabler, or SMSE) is commonly used for scheduling background jobs, data extracts, report execution, interface processing, batch processing, and system maintenance tasks. However, such business process automation is limited only to SAP systems and may not cover all scenarios or specialized requirements.

Explore how Redwood’s full stack enterprise automation enhances SAP workload automation.

How does Redwood expand the limitations of SAP Solution Manager Job Scheduler?

RunMyJobs by Redwood supports scheduling and workflow automation across SAP and non-SAP jobs, allowing for centralized job scheduling and orchestration across your org’s entire IT environment from a single easy-to-use user interface. RunMyJobs offers many advanced scheduling features like event-driven scheduling, real-time workload balancing, and resource optimization. Further, RunMy Jobs provides comprehensive alerting and monitoring capabilities for real-time execution tracking and system performance.

Discover how Redwood extends the power of your workload automation across SAP solutions.

How does Redwood handle authorization and access control for workload scheduling and automation?

Redwood allows admins to define user roles and assign permissions based on responsibilities. Roles can be tailored to different access levels, such as job creation, scheduling, monitoring, or administration. Redwood employs access control lists )ACLs) to define which actions or operations users are authorized to perform. Finally, Redwood integrates with identity and access management (IAM) and supports the principle of segregation of duties to lessen the risk of unauthorized access or misuse.

Learn how Redwood’s security management standards and controls help your enterprise remain secure.