SAP PI Job Scheduler Integration

Automate SAP Process Integration with Redwood’s best-in-class workload automation tool.

SAP PI Automation, Upgraded and Unlimited

Keep your SAP automations then make them better with Redwood.

Comprehensive job scheduling

Redwood’s robust job scheduling and workload automation platform supports complex scheduling requirements, dependencies, and automations across your non-SAP and SAP systems.

Centralized Job Management and Monitoring

Control the job scheduling across your enterprise from one single console, which is also the same console that provides monitoring and reporting. Redwood provides a unified view of scheduled jobs across all systems and applications so system administrators have full control and visibility over execution.

Detailed Monitoring and Reporting


Expand the visibility and reliability of your critical business processes. Redwood proactively tracks job execution status and audit trail information (such as job logs, job names, job runs, and job definitions). With detailed insights into performance metrics and real-time alerts, Redwood enables teams to work proactively and rapidly to identify and remediate issues.

Orchestrate Complex Workflows Across Any Environment

Automate end-to-end business processes and background jobs across multiple systems and applications, expanding your automation capabilities far beyond the SAP NetWeaver Java Scheduler SAP PI employees. Redwood’s full integration capabilities can eaRedwood enables such orchestration across any environment, whether it is on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid cloud environment.

Work Seamlessly Across Your SAP and Non-SAP Environment


Redwood integrates across the SAP environment, including SAP Basis, SAP BW, and more. Redwood easily translates into SAP ABAP (SAP’s programming language) to ensure every automation works without a hitch.

If any jobs generate spools, such as XML messages or other data, Redwood handles and manages their storage or delivery in line with predefined requirements. Teams can also manage SAP background jobs and background processing activities like batch jobs, data transfers, and system integrations.

Redwood’s integration capabilities can orchestrate and schedule process chains, and will even interface with the SAP PI application server and runtime environment for full job execution.

Plus, Redwood makes it easy to import your existing SAP jobs for minimal logistical fuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SAP PI have job scheduler capabilities?

SAP PI, uses the SAP NetWeaver Java Scheduler for low-level job scheduling. Unfortunately, Java Scheduler cannot handle a high capacity of daily job runs. In fact, SAP recommends running far fewer than 100,000 jobs each day. Java Scheduler has an external public API, Java eXternal Batch Processing (XBP), in which external schedulers control and monitor AS JAava jobs.

Discover more about how RunMyJobs by Redwood simplifies and amplifies your job scheduling across SAP and non-SAP applications.

How does Redwood exceed SAP PI’s job scheduler?

Redwood is designed to handle large-scale, high-volume job scheduling, automation, and execution. Highly scalable, it is not subject to the same limits as SAP PI and fully supports intricate job dependencies and concurrent processing. Redwood’s architecture and distributed processing ensure optimal performance across complex and demanding job scheduling environments.

Learn more about why Redwood’s workload automation far surpasses SAP PI’s native capabilities.

Can I use BAPIs to schedule SAP PI jobs in Redwood?

SAP’s Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs) can schedule SAP PI background jobs. Redwood acts as a centralized console for job scheduling across your entire enterprise. Thus, Redwood does not specifically work with BAPIs, but any job you schedule through Redwood will translate into SAP PI to ensure correct job execution.

Explore how Redwood enables easy creation of complex schedules and eliminates the need for duplicated job definitions.